2020 BMW X1 loaner lease


Hey guys, I just went to try and work a deal on an X1 here are the numbers I have.

BMW X1 xDrive28i
Miles 4,200

MSRP: 41,845
Discount: 7,000 (1,000 loyalty), (1,000 recent grad?) (500 lease credit) (4500 dealer) Effectively a 10.5% pre-incentive discount which doesn’t seem amazing on a loaner.
Maintenance: 995 (they said loaners don’t have maintenance covered)
Selling price 35,840
Fees: 710
Tax: 2,703
Residual: 56% I believe adjusted for the miles is 53%
MF: Edmunds says .00099, they said .00139 because it’s a loaner and the discount.

I have been seeing better deals, but they all seem to be in SoCal or Northeast. The stock number on these cars seems pretty low too, so it’s harder to make a good deal?

I’m not married to this car, so I wouldn’t mind suggestions on something that might be better.


Unlikely $1000 worth of maintenance. I have never been charged with maintenance on my loaners (maybe just lucky) but I bet you can find dealership service specials or coupons that don’t totaled to $1000.

They said I can take that off, but then maintenance wouldn’t be covered. Not sure if it’s worth it or not?

That’s a paltry discount on an x1 loaner my friend. Aim for 15-20% depending on region and availability of x1 loaners.

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That’s what I was thinking, there’s only 2 BMW dealers in my state which have the same owner. I’ll have to ask for more, but they don’t seem to want to discount it anymore because of their stock numbers.

At this discount you could probably ship from east coast for cheaper. That being said, I know inventory continues to dwindle.

I was able to reach ~18% pre-incentive discount on an X1 loaner of this exact MSRP two weeks ago so you surely have room to improve. I suggest casting a wider net (500 miles) and see what you come up with.

With 2500 in rebates you could presumably push for 10k in total “savings”

Also, if you’re not married to the car, look at other brands. Most BMW SUVs (Not named X3/X4Ms) aren’t exactly LH deal friendly at the moment