2020 BMW M4 lease


This is a potential deal on a BMW m4. I don’t see deals with cap cost but here is the lease terms. There wasn’t a place to put cap cost in calculator. Down payment is $7000 that includes a $1200 registration fee.

-2992 down payment (cap cost)

-499.00 doc fee

-925 acq fee

-tax 300.00

Good discount, and there is a CCR section in the calculator, but why do you want to put $3k down?

I’m a little confused here. You say in your post 7k as your down but in the calc you’re only using the drive off?
If what you have in the calc is how your deal is structured its not a bad deal. Base mf with a 12% off pre incentive. Is the $2750 with loyalty and lease credits?

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I don’t want to put dealer said bank requires some money down. However, the lease payment with tax is $780 with cap cost so something isn’t right, because when I put in calculator payment is $680 and dealer quote is $780

2750 is loyalty with penfed

M4 has $1500 loyalty credit and $1250 for lease credit, $3250 in total incentives. Your missing out on $500 worth.

Thanks for heads up

Could be a marked-up MF or dealer add-on crap they’re trying to slip in. Also, keep in mind that your taxed incentives will be $3250 + whatever PenFed discount you can get because of the May loyalty lease rebates. They’ll count that as $500 towards rebates and another $500 credit towards to your BMW FS account for your second payment.

Does m4 quality for lease payment incentives

Yes, it’s $500 x2 for the M4 because it’s counted as a 4 Series. EDIT: Guess not, see IAC’s reply.

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PenFed gives me $500, so do I put $3250 +$500 =$3750 in the tax incentive section?

Actually that’s not true. We’ve had several dealers confirm it is not available on M vehicles and dealers will get charged back.


True point but I don’t think some of the dealers who push it through like that are aware of that yet.

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if they get a charge back is buyer responsible?

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What will most likely happen is the contract will not be funded by BMW FS and therefore you have to return the car since the dealer still owns the car.

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Damn, guess it’s a good thing I went for a Z4 and not an M4 then. Good to know.

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There are a lot of people advertising the waivers for M cars, so I wonder what is going to happen.

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Not sure since I have not had to deal with it yet (no one is banging on the door for the Heritage Edition). But my understanding for the programs in general is that the M4/M4 CS falls under the 4 series umbrella, which is why you can use the 4 series rebates, and there is no where that says the M4 is excluded.

IDK what you are talking about but all M cars are included in the payment waiver


Yeah I’d argue that too
Worth checking out below

Notice how the finance credit has an exclusions sections, whereas the lease section above doesn’t.