2020 BMW M4 Competition - 86K MSRP - 25 mths & 29000 mls left. $884 p/m. Mineral Grey w Sakhir Orange FULL Merino lthr


Don’t like the grills on the G8x? Here’s your shot.
This deal has college grad, loyalty, and all the discounts baked in back from when we all thought the world was coming to a literal end. Scroll all the way till the end of the ad for the LH calc link.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 BMW M4 Competition
Location: New Jersey (garage kept the entire time)

MSRP: $85,995
Monthly payment (incl NJ tax): $884

Current mileage: 7,000
Maturity mileage: 36,000
Effective miles per month: 1,160
Maturity date: May 2023

I paid $2k for a CNA tire and rim insurance plan. I’ve used $558 of it. I’m looking to recoup $1442 for it.
It’s refundable so if you don’t want it, I can cancel it, and your drive off will be just the transfer fees with no cash to me. Priority will be given to those that don’t want to cancel it as it saves me a lot of headache.

Financial institution: BMWFS
Transfer fee: $500+tax
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): YES

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details: immaculate. tires are in great shape.
$86K MSRP. This car has EVERYTHING besides the CCBs. Also you get a laminated window sticker.
This car was babied, and I hope whoever assumes it keeps it in the showroom like condition it is in. You get two sets of floor mats (one is the M Perf. ones, the other is the standard anthracite)

Mineral Grey with Sakhir Orange FULL MERINO Leather.




NVM, I see it’s coditional

It’s not due at signing. Completely optional if they choose to continue with the tire and rim plan. The plan is refundable on my end so it can be completely nothing DAS. It won’t be an accurate representation since it’s not mandatory

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GLWT, what a beautiful beast and one of the best color combos

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Yeah, I edited my post. Good luck with trade.

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I wonder why :eyes::eyes::eyes:


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what next?

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8 reasons why

shhhhhh under wraps for now hahaha

I’ll take that m5c in the last pic for this payment :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.

This should go quick, threw out some feelers for ya nothing yet, curious to see how the new ride will compare to the m4.

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dude we’d all have multiple M5Cs if we could get it for this payment haha. more like $13xx for that one

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Ain’t that the truth, tanzanite II is definitely a top 3 color imo.

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Man, if this was June and not March, you’d already have a deal right here.
Gorgeous. GL with the deal.

Vehicle now on SAL.
Mods- please keep the thread open for now.
I will have it closed when someone makes it to Stage 2.

edit: got a PM or two about this. Still open to LH inquires— willing to work outside of SAL too


Transfer pending— mods please leave open for now as apparently BMWFS confirmed parties can still backout

New pics uploaded post detail…


Just FYI, either party can back out, up until Stage 3 confirmation. At least it’s faster now and not like when it took 6-8 weeks last year :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on which side you’re on I suppose), either party has always been able to back out before the Assumption Complete email goes out. The transferee loses their $100+tax application fee, FedEx postage, and they have an inquiry on their credit report, but that’s about all they lose. As the transferor, you lose time and potential prospective buyers you may have said no to. As @Kctham18 said though, transfers are moving a lot faster now, so even if something does change you probably won’t have lost as much time as you would have say in 2020.

Transfer complete. MODS please close the thread.

Assumption timeline datapoints:
Listed on SAL 3/19/2021 (end of day)
Buyer made contact on 3/21/2021.
Viewed vehicle on 3/22/2021, credit app submitted & approved same day on 3/22/2021
Stage 2 started on 3/23/2021. Documents completed and overnighted to BMWFS
Stage 2 docs received by BMWFS on 3/24/2021
Stage 2 completed on 4/1/2021
Stage 3 & transfer completed on 4/5/2021

BMWFS said they were exceptionally busy and were in the process of completing 400 assumptions. Had the process been completed by 3/31, I would’ve been able to take delivery of my next vehicle (for which lease support expired end of march) Oh well… M3-Fast is now carless :confused: