2020 BMW m340i Philadelphia, PA - 487/m + tax + MSD + Application Fee

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I believe transfers have opened again. Thanks all.

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I think this would sell quickly on Swapalease

Pmed , still interested

Spec attached

Any hackrs have tips to make swap more desirable?

Put it on SAL or start offering an incentive.

Just sent you a PM.

So you’d rather spend $500 than $125?

Didn’t know it was that cheap - will have to reevaluate. I think I just prefer LH as a platform.

So do we. But I bet these ads don’t get a fraction of the eyeballs as SAL.

I’d also put it on every BMW and maybe even Mercedes forum.

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still available??

Apologies to those I missed - work and mba are kicking my ass. Still for sale, found another car I want to purchase so would like to move it! Thanks,


Picking up an m2 on Friday - would prefer not to have two cars as soon as possible. Swapalease is a great option but want to give this deal to the LH community.

Willing to reimburse transfer fee; MSDs still due to me. Thanks!


I’ll do the lease with no MSD upfront, sign and drive. Let me know if interested.

I’ll take it with you covering the transfer fee and no MSDs. I’m in 18902 zip.
Current BMW lease expiring, easy approval. thx.

I wasn’t going to respond to the above comments but here’s an answer so everyone can see - I’m all for fair negotiation but I am 100% not offering sign and drive.


I just pictured the axel foley laugh when he made that offer…


I’ll take it if you waive the MSDs, pay the transfer fee and all the remaining lease payments and buy my family seasons passes to Disney World.


There’s a reason this has been on here since April 1, no?

Yes, a global pandemic that paused BMW Financial lease transfers for north of 2 months.