2020 BMW M340i good deal?


2020 BMW M340i
MSRP 63xxx
Discount 10.8% off
3000 rebates (lease & loyalty)
MF 0.00148
Monthly around 640 + tax

Is this a good deal?

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For 2020 M340i the target is 12% off before incentives and buy rate MF.

As many have said before and many will say again.

Good luck. It’s a great car.


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Thank you very much!

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Don’t forget MSDs if you’re able and not in NY.


Base MF is .00128. 10.8% pre incentive is pretty good. I got 10% on custom build or 11.5% inventory then incentives added after.

Yes! Won’t forget to maximize MSDs :slight_smile:

The deal amounts I got is $558.86 tax included with $5,599 due at signing however i get back $4,200 at the end of the lease.
It’s one power sucker!
Let me know if there is better than this or if I got an insane deal.
Thanks so much :blush:

what’s buy rate MF? the finance person can bypass BMWFS and configure a new MF?

.00128 for October

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Yes, a higher one. For ADP (additional dealer profit)

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so we ask for more discount and a higher MF so they can profit?

Never! You ask for more discount and the buy rate MF. Right before they throw you out on your ass, you accept the deal at 12% off before incentives and the buy rate which you’ll reduce with 7 MSD to the lowest you can get.

Forget about their profit. Let them make it on the next guy. You’re aiming for a mini where they just add a tick mark for the volume bonuses.

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Forget using a dealer. Get a broker on here to get you 14-15% off.