2020 BMW M340i Deal Check

MSRP $58,895
Discounts $7516.12 for money off MSRP, 2k Conquest
Sales Price $49,378.88
Trade in $31,488
Payoff $35,194
Sales Tax FL $1300.72
Doc Fee $799
Tire Battery fee$6.50
Tag Registration Estimate $200
Tag Agency $149
Money Factor .00099
Mileage 10k
Monthly Payment $749
Down Payment $749

Great discount but the negative equity is killing this deal. Did you get any other quotes? Caravana?Vroom?

Yes but unfortunately it was -3708 owed still.

It’s hard to get a good deal with $100 per month in negative equity but if you have to get in a new car this is not a bad deal.

Pay it out of pocket instead of rolling it in and paying interest and tax on it again.


If the negative equity is coming from a leased car I would keep it until the lease is over.


^this. Just wait it out or pay it out.

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agree 999999%%%

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How’s the calculator? Did I type those numbers in right?

You’re focused on the calculator? You should focus on the wisdom above.

I’m open to both thanks.

For some reference, that’s what I’m paying for a 67k MSRP car with just first payment and tags, picked it up last month. It’s an xDrive, not sure if yours is or not.

Where did you purchase? No the one I’m looking at has rear wheel drive. Interesting note on cost for payment. Can you describe your exact deal? I wouldn’t mind getting a car with 61-63k MSRP as I would prefer Adaptive M Suspension . I’ve decided to wait unless a better opportunity for payments which I see a slim chance in happening until they decide to release a actual M car.