2020 BMW i3 inventory and deals?


Wondering if anyone has solid info on what’s going on with the 2020 i3 availability. I’m on my second lease, expiring in April, and looking to jump into a 3rd.

My preferred dealer tells me this year has extremely limited availability due to battery supply constraints, and they expect very few allocations months from now with little to no discounts, likely bumping the lease deals up to the $500+ range.

They also said the i3 will be undergoing a full refresh for 2021.

Checking to see if anyone else can corroborate this?


The speculation is the battery size will be increased…but no full refresh. As for supply…i’m not sure i believe the dealer especially after BMW CEO said last Oct. and since i have yet to see any news BMW has battery supply problems.
“We are growing with the i3 every year – in Europe this year by around 20 per cent. The investments have been written off, we earn money with every i3. Why in God’s name should we give up this car, which is now at the height of its time? We are sure that the i3 still has great potential,”

I think the issue is that the factory is completely maxed out and the company would rather ship the i3 to europe than sell them in the USA. IMO the real deal is a certified pre-owned used one.

They already bump the battery to 120 Ah for 2019, I think 2020 won’t have any changes. $500+ for i3 that’s just crazy.

It’s weird they have shortage now when they practically gave them away up until late 2019.

It’s unfortunate but I’m told lease isn’t available for CPO…

I assume he meant to buy one. The few CPOs that are leasable lease terribly.

A bird in the hand and all that.

Totally forgot about the Mini electric releasing in March. It uses the same battery as the i3, hence the shortage. BMW must be prioritizing the lower price market of the Mini. At least the Mini seems like an excellent value, relatively.

There are more than 40 CPO i3s near me under $20k. Looking at their carfax reports, most are off lease vehicles. I’m not sure I understand your statement.

I think he meant you can’t lease a CPO vehicle…

Yes I’m only talking about leases in this thread.

this is 'lease’hackr after all. lol.

I don’t think there will be a refresh, BMW announced that i3 production will continue. I thought the mini has a lower range.around 110 miles. I had a sub $150 lease on a i3 back in September, regretting now that I did not lease for 3 years (only opted for 2).

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Surprised to see the Mini actually using the 2018 i3s battery/power train. Pretty cool for half the price.