2020 BMW i3 BEV - $263/mo + tax + $2100 in MSDs - 1000 miles/mo remaining 20 mo left $400DAS

Great deal, buying a new BRZ so don’t need this car anymore. Buyer should be able to pick up and meet me in Irvine. Transfer out ASAP. Ask for $400 DAS extra to cover the $650 registration I just paid in Aug. Transfer fee $500 paid by buyer to BMWFS.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 BMW i3 BEV, 120mAh, Black trim, Apple Carplay available
Location: Irvine, CA

MSRP: $45000+ , Base Trim
Monthly payment (pre-tax):$263 + tax
Effective monthly payment (if incentive is provided):

Current mileage: 9100
Maturity mileage: 30030
Effective miles per month: more than 1000mile/mo?
Maturity date: 08/2023

MSD due (if any): 2100
Cash due (if any): $400 to recoup registration fee
Incentive for new lessee (if any): 0

Financial institution: BMWFS
Transfer fee:500
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): Yes but as a personal requirement buyer must be in LA area.

Vehicle condition (accidents, tire wear, etc.), options, and other details: No accidents, no scratch or anything. The back seat is used for my dog so although covered with canvas cover there will be some dog hairs.

Photos: see my previous thread.

I’m interested.

Any chance this has the HK sound system?

No, it’s the beggar spec= no any trim or package :rofl:


Does it come with adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist as the standard?

Sent a pm.

please send me a contact number. We have an i3 that the lease is up and would be interested.

1 pending till BMWFS back to work on Monday. Would let the next person know if it falls through.

@jonkjiao PM a TH if you need to reopen. Good luck!