2020 BMW 540xi - Good deal?

2020 BMW 540xi
MSRP: $72,785
Selling Price: $64,500
Rebates: $3,750
MF: 0.00118
NYC Sale Tax (8.875%) rolled into monthly payments
DAS: $1700 (Inception, Dealers Fee, DMV)
Monthly: $703

The LH calculator doesn’t seem to allow rolling in NY tax into monthly payments. When I calculate with above numbers in lease calc apps, I get slightly lower numbers. Can someone opine?

Thanks in advance.

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Sure it does. Just select NY on the taxes and follow the instructions in the calc FAQ for adjusting the DAS amount to match.

It’s hard to say why your calculator isn’t matching without a link to your calculator.

Thanks for replying. I did look through the FAQs but couldn’t find NY specific adjustment for rolling over taxes. Appreciate the time.