2020 BMW 540i Deal Check and advice

This my first lease so want to make sure im headed in the right path. attached is the link to the calculator. Any advice is apreciated

BMW 540I with a few extras
Sale Price= 59,374 (7.9% discount) before $3500 cap reduction
1284 at signing
Money Factor = .00172
residual at 61%

The money factor seems high considering my credit is int the 800’s. am i right or this in the ballpark? i have a some deals here a few months old a .00142
should i be shooting for a 10% discount off MSRP or 8% about right for this car.


Calculator link isn’t working. You can do better than 8%. Someone just ordered a 540 at 12%. It’s not an unreasonable discount to ask for.

I’m assuming the 3500 cap cost reduction are incentives, which are you qualifying for?

Ask for the base MF of .00142.

Also, what area are you in? Expectations can vary if you’re in specific states - TX, Florida, etc

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Also, what are you linking on the calculator? Are these past deals you’ve seen? It’s showing a demo, with 3750 in incentives and 18% pre-incentive discount.

High credit doesn’t mean that the dealer isn’t going to mark up the mf.

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Unless you’re locking in March terms, April is right around the corner and things could change… or not :man_shrugging:

Thanks for all the advice
the $3500 i did not what specific incentive it was ill ask
i am in Miami Florida
added the link again below

Are you open to having a vehicle shipped or picking up at the performance center? If so pm me. I just did a custom order at 12.5% before 6k in rebates.

And that residual doesn’t look right. Is this a 7500 mile lease?

Pretty sure BMW only allows 7500 miles on their high end cars like 7, 8 series. At least here in SoCal

They do. I think they just are worse, I can see some on the Edumunds. Link to 740i

Right but 10k miles on a 540 is 60% residual. The 530e is the only one with a 61%

You are not going to fare well in the Miami market on your own. It’s a very tough, if not impossible market to get a good deal in. I got my 5 series(loaner with 2300 miles) in September with a 22% discount through a broker. In the South Florida region he is your best bet to get a crazy deal on a Bmw. You can check out his reviews below and contact him via text/email. @Bacons_C.C


thanks ill do that.

it is 7500 miles they do allow it and i have the 61 in writing

Agreed with @SFL-Leasehackr, for bmw and benz it’s like they price fix down there. Autonation owns 5 Mercedes stores and they just opened one of the largest BMW showrooms in the world…BMW of Delray Beach. They control much of the luxury market down there.

thanks to all of you for the advice. reached out to the brokers see what they can do. when i get something ill report back