2020 BMW 530e $60295 MSRP $464+T/Month $3500 MSD

Exterior pictures are here.

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It’s a gorgeous color combo! If it was AWD, I’d be all over it.

any interest in negotiating the msd? i’m in socal ready to go

Not sure why you want to negotiate on the MSD? You get it back at the end of the lease?

Is this still available?

yes it is still available. ping me your info

because i’m looking for a 375 per month payment after incentive

His offer is more than fair, but if he is needing to move it who knows you may get lucky

Unable to offer further incentives

You can’t come up with a number you want and expect the world to revolve around it.

don’t want the car unless it’s 375, that’s what it’s worth to me, i’m not begging and neither is he.

supply and demand, market plays

This deal is already lower than any broker or dealer listing posted anywhere :man_shrugging:t2:

Stick to your guns, it will move at your current ask, just need the right buyer. I’ve seen multiple of these cars at around the same payment with full MSDs move on Swapalease. Good luck trying to get this payment from a dealer nowadays.

it’ll go on swapalease if no one takes this deal on here.

I’m interested. Will PM you