2020 BMW 330i Loaner (Please check the latest deal)

Greetings all,

I just started looking for a replacement for my 2018 Mini Clubman S Lease that is up in a few months. Below is the first pass I received from the dealer for a 2020 330i loaner. When I tried plugging it in to the calculator, it seems like I should be able to get to the mid to low 4’s per month. The MF is .00158 and the residual is 60% for 10k miles.

Do I need a breakdown of the specific items listed under discounts?

You do need to figure out everything.
But at a quick glance at it, this deal can be improved by a lot.
Your effective monthly is roughly $590/month, that is m340i money, not 330i on this forum.

Ask them for breakdown of discounts (dealer discount / incentives you qualify for)
Base mf this month is 0.00118 (they marked up mf to max allowed, 0.0004).

Just to give you perspective, brokers on this forum have similar cars in spec for around 17% off (Vary depending on your region), pre-incentive.

Thank you for the quick reply. They got back to me with the breakdown as $2750 in rebates and the $6000 is the discount. Still working through this. The fact that it’s a loaner is throwing me off a bit.

Them rolling in 3 months worth of mini payments into this certainly isn’t helping.


I reached out to another dealer down in south Florida that has a fairly well equipped 330i loaner listed on their site. A “sales consultant” contacted me and I went over the particulars of what I was looking for (buy rate MF, MSD’s etc). He replied " Would you take another color combination? I’m asking because my new car manager is putting together crazy deals today. We need to meet quota on new car sales"

Ok fine, I’ll play along as they actually had several combinations I liked that were similarly equipped. He proceeds to send me info on three completely stripped down new 330i’s. I explained that I was looking at the loaners as this would hopefully work out better money-wise in the long run. He then hits me with “if I can reduce the payment on your current lease by $10 a month, will I earn your business today?” I said let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. I’m looking for a fair deal and want to see all the numbers first and if they are favorable, I’m more than happy to drive the three hours to pick up the car. He responded with “Loaner or non loaner I cannot reduce by much”. I’m not sure where the sales manager and “the crazy deals” went in the course of five minutes. I replied with “Thank you, I appreciate your time”.

I’m tempted to reach out to the GM to ask why their salespeople make it so hard to buy a car from them. It wasn’t like I said I want 25% off MSRP pre incentive. I hadn’t even got to that point.

Don’t bother. If they don’t want to do your deal, move on. South florida isn’t a particularly friendly market.

Well he ended up contacting me and sent me the following sheet. When I put this in the calculator, I have to go down to a 5% pre-incentive discount to get to the money they are charging. The sales guy is claiming it is based on 19.5%. Assuming he doesn’t understand the difference between pre-incentive and post incentive, if I take the $2750 in incentives out, I’m at 14.4% (which actually wouldn’t be too bad). How are they getting to $595 a month? One issue I do see is they have me at 7% tax and it should be 6.5% but that isn’t what’s causing this problem.

At this point I don’t see a deal happening, but I do want to try and figure this out for educational purposes.

Here is my calculator at 14.4%.

Why are you shopping now, inventory levels are low and you still have some payments left, just wait.

I know. I had resigned myself to that (as the sensible thing to do), but then I came across this loaner that was pretty much how I would have ordered it myself. Figured I would see what they came back with.

If they won’t do a unicorn deal(which I doubt they would), just wait, unless you don’t mind flushing a couple grand down the toilet

Well, I at least got the satisfaction I was looking for. The manager called me to apologize because “his salesperson doesn’t understand how to read a deal sheet”. He was applying both the purchase price rebates and the lease rebates to get to 19.5% off pre-incentive. The funny thing is, at one point the salesperson texted me saying “Whatever you are doing to calculate this is obviously wrong. If you look at the MSRP and you look at the vehicle price then that is all you need to know. Please take $54,40.00 and subtract $19.5% what do you get?” So he obviously doesn’t understand the term “pre-incentive” either. Turns out they are actually at 11.5% off pre-incentive.

Still not a great deal for a loaner, but its only been in service for about a month so at this point I’ll just roll the dice and maybe it will still be there when my lease is up.

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Greetings everyone,

I’ve been grinding away at this one for the past week. It’s a loaner with 1100 miles on it. At the moment we’re about $500 apart on the out of pocket as I think I’ve gone about as deep as I can.

MSRP - $54400
Selling price pre incentive - $45478
Discount - 16.4%
Incentives - $2750 (loyalty and lease cash)
DAS - $1500
Monthly - $420
Tax - $27
Total - $447
MSD’s - $3150

I can’t get the calculator to line up exactly. Below is as close as I can get. Do I push for the extra $500 or am I silly to risk it for that.

Appreciate any feedback as I would be looking to close tomorrow.

You already posted this in another thread.

Yeah they took it down and told me I had to put it here.

I went back over the quote that I received and through additional research on this site, I was able to get to a place where I can comfortably recreate their numbers in the calculator. Their quote was in a format I hadn’t seen before and the terminology was throwing me off a bit. I know there is a reason for this. Anyway, I feel much better about this now and hope to wrap things up today. Here’s the updated accurate calculator: