2020 BMW 330i Lease Numbers

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been reading the forum here for quite some time but joined today because I’ve been looking at the 2020 330i with Convenience Package, Live Cockpit, Sport Seats, etc.

I went by a local dealer here in Atlanta was given the following offer:

MSRP: $47,000
Discount: $5,200
Rebates: $1,750
= $40,050.00
Money Factor: 0.00168
After tax, doc fee, etc, it’s at a Purchase Price of $43,308.67

They’re telling me for 10k/36mo I’m looking at $537/month with just first month payment DAS.

Seems quite high to me but maybe I’m mistaken. Was going to shop around since I wasn’t blown away and see what you guys thought.

Thanks in advance!

Inflated money factor, should be .00128

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That’s exactly what I told them and they tried to say the lowest they do is .00168

He knows I’m on to them with that but wasn’t thrilled it’s even a conversation.

Too high, shop more dealers and target a 2019 and/or loaner unless you’re looking for something specific

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If you were just kicking tires at my dealership on Christmas eve I’d mark it up even higher.

How serious are you about this car today?

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Wow, nice to see your holiday spirit…

I was very clear with them that I wasn’t signing until the insurance company finished the paperwork on my claim which may not be till later this week. They wanted to talk numbers and line everything up in advance anyway.

Salesman hate when people waste their time on holidays… When there are plenty of people who might actually buy a car. Personally, I think it’s disrespectful of everyone’s time to be a tirekicker on a very busy day

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Or the day before a holiday. Nobody at that dealership wanted to be working today. They wanted to chill and go home, not had the SM riding them to close a tire kicker.

The holiday spirit is letting all that can, wait until 12/26 or later. There was no special deal to be had today. Just a bunch of working stiffs who wanted to be anyplace else.

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I scored a great deal last year on Christmas Eve. I was more than willing to head to the dealership at around 4:30 PM (I had nothing to do) but let the salesperson know I preferred they enjoy the day before the holiday with their family. I told them I wanted the car by text - nothing more than my word and a “Merry Christmas.” I went in on the 26th after I turned in my Mercedes and got my 2019 Ford Fusion SE Hybrid for $157/mo. A month earlier (to the day), they were offering me a 2018 for 220/mo.

This is comical. Wow.

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If he’s jerking your chain enough about the money factor, then go elsewhere. Who knows what else he’s trying to shade.