2020 Audi S5 Purchase Negotations

First time posting here; Located in 92625
Am looking at 2020 Audi S5 P+ MSRP Around 63~. Given that 2021’s are already being advertised on the audi website i was assuming that discounts would be more substantial than what they are. The two dealers in SoCal that I have reached out to have said their max is 10% off MSRP; Was looking for something like 12/13. Thoughts on getting that 12/13 or potentially just waiting for the 2021 since it has adaptive cruise control in P+ package, wireless applecarplay, surround camera as part of the 2021 package?

Yeah 10% is about all you’ll get right now. Not many S5s around… the fire sale was back in April on 2019s. @Samaudibh or @DonnyAudi are the go to Audi guys here if you haven’t checked with them yet.

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If you can find a dealer that will give you 10% off take it . I’m selling mine close to MSRP at this point

Major shortage

Wow, 2021’s have all that as part of their prem plus pack? Forget my 2019 I need this new model.