2020 Audi Q5 45 TFSI quattro Premium *Deal Check*

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I just sign on the lease, please tell me if I did ok or not.

2020 Audi Q5 45 TFSI quattro Premium (Brilliant Black) Panoramic sunroof + Convenience + Convenience Plus package + $500 accessories.
36 month / 7,500 miles

Total price: $46,250.00
Residual: 56%
Security Deposit: $3,825.00 (9 MSDs)
Cash down: $1,200.00
Sales Tax: $1,118.51
Flat Tax: $30.87
Acquisition Fee: $895.00
DMV Fees: $406.50
Doc Fee: $489.00
Cash Due: $8,354.83

Selling price dealer told me: $41,500
MF after MSD dealer told me: 0.00007
Monthly payment: $389.95


Post before you sign, yikes. Discount including incentives I presume is pretty bad.

10.2% selling price, so probably post-incentives. These Q5s are not well known for providing a lot of discount. Your effective monthly payment (not including MSDs) is $504.93. Next time, I would consider shopping for other cars (like an XC60) if you are not 100% set on the Q5 or reach out to a broker to help you get a better deal.

Mileage varies based on people’s needs. @vickohl: OP may not need too many miles, and the RV will be better with less. That being said, if OP needed more miles but only purchased this many, it would be cheaper to purchase them upfront rather than paying the higher cost at the end.

Audi’s can be sometimes difficult to lease (unless that A6 marketing allowance kicks in :smile:).

Ask beforehand next time.

Putting down ~$4,500 excluding MSD wasn’t the best idea.


Thank you for all the advice. I should post here next time before sign. I kind of jumped after got the monthly lower than $400.
I have many passive cash income so I was ok with putting some up front to burn cash because my understanding is, if I put taxes and other fees on monthly it also generate interest right?
I do not need much miles as it is my commute car and I own other vehicles.
I didn’t know I did so bad, I keep bugging the guy to lower as much as possible which went from like $550 to $400, but difficult to compare many brands with virus, many dealers were closed and I was on timeline since I have to work from office starting Monday.

It’s marginal, with MSDs if you get the interest or in LH lingo, MF / apr lower it lowers that rate obviously. You’re paying 0.00007*2400 or .168% apr, hardly anything to freak out about.

Time crunch hurts, we have brokers here that could have shopped this, but if you enjoy the car, don’t freak out.

Some update here.
The car I was to get was at the port, but looks like there is issue with delievery. They offered me slightly more expensive model (Total price: $47,755.00) with bigger wheel and premium color for same price. So same upfront and same monthly.
Is this better? Eventought this means despite MSRP is higher residual value stays same as previous car which is lower so I don’t know how the math works but its better I assume since I am getter better car with same number.
Advice please, thanks.

The deal is terrible. Audi Q5 does not have great leasing programs. Walk away from the deal, dealer, and car. Find an XC60 from @aronchi or @Bostoncarconcierge.

This has to be your lucky day :smile:.