2020 Audi A4 45 Premium Plus Lease SOFL


Been looking at lease for 2020 A4 45 Premium Plus in South Florida area.

Overpaid for my last lease on a 2017 A3 but have gotten down to the following:
MSRP: $49,645
Incentives: 10% off MSRP (Costco program), $1,000 loyalty, $1,500 lease incentive
Monthly Payment: $510 tax in
Drive off amount: $645
Months: 36
Miles: 10k

Sorry if im not follwoing the format with all the specific details of the deal but I dont really know much about leasing. Does this sound like a good deal?


Post residual and the base money factor and let’s judge the deal

$510 for an A4?
In general, Audi’s do not lease well unless there is a ton of marketing allowance in the program. Maybe try an S60.

Push for a 12% pre-incentive discount.

What does it cover?

I can get an Audi quote for you if you’d like

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Do you still have a quote for 2020 Audi A4 45 Premium Plus lease at CA? I’d like to get one, thanks!

Can you help me with a quote for an A4 lease? I am in Florida.

Please don’t bring a thread back from the dead when you could just send a PM