2020 Ascent lease deal eval

Not much out there on these. MF seems to be below Edmunds most recent but residual 10 less.

No money out the door.


The only way the MF/RV can differ from Edmunds is if the dealer is using a 3rd party bank, but I’ve never seen a case with Subarus. You would double-check that info.

Also, the worksheet doesn’t show this as “no money out the door” deal. It states $782.22 DAS.

Thank you!

They are eating that out the door in the -1,400 at the bottom.

Found the newest post on edmunds. MF and RV match.

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That’s a lot for an Ascent.

We are now at $488. Zero down. 8.7 on lease hacker score.

You could get into a highlander for about 100 less. But if this is a premium and 2020, then you’d give up some features with a 2019 highlander.

Did you confirm that there’s 0 incentives?

Yes. Nothing down. They are paying anything out of pocket on my behalf

Subaru offered loyalty cash but there are no incentives right now. We are 10%+ under MSRP and $800 below invoice. They are also paying off our lease at what we owe.

Great idea! Huge problem for us is that we live so rural, it would be a 45 mile drive for service. Brand limited to anything remotely close leaves us with GM, Subaru and ford (passing here).

Limited with moon/sun

Have you got a 3rd party estimate from carvana or vroom on your trade in to verify value.

Nobody is paying for your remaining lease payments but you, unless subaru the manufacturer is doing a pull ahead right now and you’re trading in a qualifying subaru. They’re either eating your positive equity or gave you less of a discount than they normally would be able to to hide negative equity.

You should always post and ask for yourself. RV/MF/Incentives can vary with zip code and trim, so it’s generally unlikely to find a post from this month that matches your situation exactly. A lot of people see one that looks similar but is from two states over and the numbers are different.

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We did get multiple quotes outside the dealership. Nothing better.