2020 Altima SR with premium package

Signed a deal. 2020 Altima SR in black with premium package(sunroof)
MSRP: $28190
Monthly Payment: $319
Drive-Off Amount: $319
Annual Mileage:15,000
I hope I didn’t get killed but I know they made money somewhere. I think it’s a fair deal though.


Deal is already signed enjoy the car :red_car:

There is nothing wrong with this deal, considering the 15k mi limit. Pretty good, enjoy!

Ya not a bad deal given the 15k miles. They made some money somewhere like you said but they didn’t take you to the cleaners. Fair overall.

I’m a big fan of the new altima. Beautiful car. Enjoy

@HersheySweet Just when you retire the Altima look what you could have scored and continued your hate of the CVT. :laughing:

I will continue to flame a Nissan CVTs for the next 70+ years (hopefully). This is a fact. I hate CVTs more than anti Vaxxers hate science.

1.344% MF, 11xxx in depreciation, there’s fees hidden somewhere. Post before you sign :frowning: . Enjoy the car though! All that matters is that the client is happy.