2020 Acura RDX lease end, car was in an accident

So here’s the story, got the car in February of 2020, accident in July 2020. No frame damage just lots of body work paint and trim pieces but all that came out to almost 20k in repairs but insurance wouldn’t total it. After I get the car back, it’s not driving right so I take it back to the body shop and they eventually sent it to the dealer. Dealer found a crack in the transmission so that brought repairs to over 27k.

The Car has less than 25k miles and residual is only 23k. Should I buy it or return it? It’s been running great since and it looks almost brand new. Just not sure if it’s a good idea to buy it with the accident history.

any ideas are appreciated.

You should return it and pop a bottle of champagne when the odometer statement is signed. But by all means, get third party buyout quotes to compare what it’s worth to the residual value.


Pay for a carfax first

I have a car fax….comes back clean title no frame damage. But shows moderate to extreme damage for the accident.

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you should NEVER buy out a moderate damage car. return that back to HFS and move on with your life. if you buy it, you are welded to it and will have lit your buyout amt on fire. the car isn’t worth buyout.


Return it! That car has lost a ton of value and when you want to get a new car, it probably isn’t worth half of what it was worth at that time.

The only question here should be how fast you run away


Maybe a Honda/Acura dealership will give you more than buyout? If so, do that.

Otherwise, this is one of the reasons we lease. The car, with a dirty Carfax, becomes someone else’s problem the day you turn it in.


I was going to keep my 2020 MDX instead of getting a new lease but my car was hit a few weeks ago (no frame damage). Got the insurance from the person who hit me to repair quickly and traded it back into Acura three days later for a new lease. I actually got it repaired at the same dealer that I leased the new car from.

Use the equity you have and get a new car. This is one of the major benefits of leasing - you can give it back!

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That was my plan because a 23k residual is great but not sure how much the accident is going to devalue it. KBB trade in is around 30-32k in good condition but I’m sure I’ll get lowballed because of the accident.

Don’t bring up the accident just try to do a trade. You may be surprised at how close to an accident-free quote they give you. Used car inventory still appears to be lean while new car inventory is going up. May be a nice window to switch right now.

I should add that your best bet is to stick with an Acura as they will likely give you the highest quote.


Definitely do not buy it.

Before you return it, try to get some equity out of it.

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Return Return Dont Look Back !


What is the Carvana offer? They will give you a quote in 60 second with just the license plate #? Cant do a third party lease buy out but it would be a good data point.

I would never consider buying out a leased car after it’s had an accident, especially like that…

Thank your lucky starsit’s leased and you can make it someone else’s problem.

I wouldn’t purchase a vehicle with any sort of significant damage (history), period. I don’t care how well it runs or how good it looks.

Be thankful that it is a lease. Return that sucker, forget about it, and find something shiny & new. :smile:

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Wanted to get any advice and opinions on leasing a new RDX. I’m in Arizona and currently have a 2020 RDX on lease that ends next month. The car was in a moderate to extreme accident, according to the car fax, it was fully repaired and looks and runs great but I am not expecting to get any equity out of it because of the accident.

Residual is 23k and kbb trade in is about 30k

Doesn’t look like they have much for incentives - about $1750 in loyalty rebates.

Haven’t gotten any numbers yet but will do so next weekend but wanted to see if anyone had advice, other suggestions etc…

I’m looking to be around 500/month with about 3k down.

You haven’t specified which trim level of RDX, nor the terms of the lease. What are your numbers based off of…? You don’t get to simply pull the monthly payment out of a hat. Is that even feasible for this type of vehicle? Don’t approach any dealership unless you can answer that question on your own.

Here is a rough example of a lease:

$50,895 MSRP SH-AWD w/ A-Spec
5% discount off of MSRP
$1k RDX loyalty
$750 AFS loyalty
36/10k lease @ buy rate

~$665/mo with $3k DAS

What % discount is required to get you to that target price based on the lease programs as they apply to you?

Based on the replies to your first thread, you should have an answer to the equity question and should not be guessing.