2020 Acura MDX w Tech Package

I live in NY (Long Island) and received an lease offer of $508 a month for 36 months with 10K miles per year. Out of pocket is only $129. Taxes and most of the fees are rolled into this offer.

Is this a good offer?

No MSRP, selling price, incentives, etc. How in God’s name is anyone supposed to know if it is a good deal?

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Didn’t think the MSRP or selling price was needed when I disclosed the monthy payments and out of pocket. The total payments are $508 x 36 = $18,288. Add on $129 out of pocket and I’m paying a total of $18,417. The effective monthly cost of the lease is $511.58 per month (which includes taxes). The optional buyout is $29,341.20.

Taxes where I’m at is 8.625%. So when backing into the numbers it seems like I’m paying $467.18 a month before taxes.

Sounds like you may benefit from doing a bit more reading into what makes a lease work and the figures that go into it.

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I understand that the MSRP is factored into what the deal is. However, at the end of the day it’s a number that is based on how the monthly payments on a lease are set up (along with residual/buyout, fees and interest rate/money factor). I listed what the payment was for how many months and miles. Which at the end of the day is the end result.

Actually, the MSRP is part of what determines the monthly, not the other way around. You listed the output of the math without any of the variables that go into it. How are we supposed to know what incentives you qualify for, what the RV/MF are in your area, etc by just the monthly payment? One monthly may be a great deal in one area and a horrible deal in another.

If you want to evaluate the deal properly, you need to actually look at the deal.

If someone on here is trying to help you out, just take the advice instead of trying to prove him wrong. We need as much info as possible to determine if a deal is good or not. And its been stated countless times in these types of threads. I know you said you’re new, but take your time to do some reading on here, lots of great information. Also use the search button and look at what other people are getting for this specific vehicle.