2020 Acura MDX Advance lease questions...any help?

Hi all- I’m new here (although I’ve been lurking for months) and fairly new to lease deals as well, so I am looking for a little guidance before trying to negotiate with my local dealers.

I am interested in leasing the MDX SH-AWD Advance, 36/10K…I realize people have some thoughts/feelings about the MDX, perhaps particularly regarding the higher end trims, but for now, this is the vehicle I’m interested in pursuing. I’ve kept up to date on Edmunds and current lease incentives, and here is what I’m seeing for the MDX Advance in my area…

Residual percentage: 53%
MF: 0.00069 or 0.00215
Incentives: $4450 at 0.00069 MF or $8050 at 0.00215 MF
MSRP: right at $59,275
Zip: 19010

One obstacle for me is that I am really not sure of a reasonable % off MSRP target to determine a fair selling price. I would like my monthly payment to be around $450-470ish (is that too aggressive?) but obviously, I want to know all the numbers that would get me to that kind of deal without BS fees so that when I communicate to the dealers, I can confidently present my numbers…if they take it, great, if not, so be it.

Below is a link to the leasehackr calculator where I basically lay out my fantasy deal. Can anyone tell me if this looks reasonable, if I did something wrong, etc? Is 12.3% off MSRP pre-incentive unheard of, right on track, not low enough? I’ve tried comparing deals that I’ve seen on these forums or via Edmunds, but there are very few deal evaluations I’ve seen for the Advance trim so it’s more difficult to compare directly. Finally, regarding the taxed incentives line of the calculator, I set this to include the $8050 incentive at 0.00215MF plus an additional $1000 for loyalty (I have a current RDX lease). I have no idea about doc, tag, title, additional fees as I have not spoken to a dealer yet.

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

12.3% discount looks to be on the aggressive side, but you can try.

The dealer cash incentives are not taxed in most cases for Acura, so that will save you some money. Are you sure there are 2 different MF/incentives on your area? Usually there’s only one, per region. If there is 2 and you can choose, I think the lower MF/cash comes out cheaper.

Kudos on the edmunds stuff, you talk to any broker on the forum yet? @aronchi is based out of NJ and does Acura.

The heart wants what the heart wants… My only question is, does your want overpower your budget? In my area, that’s a really aggressive discount on a new MDX, a vehicle which traditionally doesn’t lease well to begin with.

So your eyes and heart might be set on the MDX, but it may not be realistically achievable either. So you may want to adjust your expectations, or open your mind up to alternative vehicles. Many of which lease better, and perform as well or better than the MDX.

Doc in NJ is unregulated, average is maybe $400 these days

Tags/reg: ranges from 289 to mid 300s depending on class and weight of the vehicle AFAIK

Tire tax of $1.50 per tire

Supplemental luxury surcharge of 0.4% of the gross selling price before rebates if the selling price is above $45,000

At 12% discount you’re still effectively around $550 a month all in

Yeah, the two different money factors confused me as well, but Edmunds confirmed this was correct. When I pursued my first Acura lease in 2017, this was not the case, so maybe it’s a fairly new concept? Thank you for your insight!

Sorry, I accidentally tagged NJ and then couldn’t figure out how to remove it lol… I’m actually located in PA, outside Philly. I’ve never heard of a supplemental luxury surcharge before…is this NJ specific or nation-wide?

Right, this is the big question! I mean, at the end of the day, if I can’t make a deal work for me, I won’t be crushed…BUT if I can get the exact vehicle I want for a price I feel comfortable with, I’ll sign right now. I just basically don’t want to walk in to a dealer with incorrect or incomplete information.

When you say the MDX doesn’t lease well, what do you mean? Is that performance based or rather most consumers interested in the MDX buy rather than lease? Just curious…

I haven’t yet…I honestly had not even heard of a lease broker until a few days ago. I will connect with him though, thank you!

NJ specific

The guys on edmunds are complete morons when it comes to acura. I have asked them several times in the past to actually stop spreading false information on the brand.

You’re a few thousand away on the deal in this case. I’m happy to help, but i think your expectations aren’t really realistic right now.

Fwiw, loyalty is 1500,not 1k. No idea where the 1k came from

That’s harsh. I don’t know of any other forum that consistently saves people as much money without really monetizing it.

Aside from LH, but even LH depends on Edmunds


They spread blatantly false information though. And they refuse to listen.

The mf, even when it was high, was never 00215. It was 00225, and they just flat out refused to believe it.

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Fair enough, and I appreciate your reply. Typically, as we start creeping into summer, do incentives become a bit more lucrative or is that hard to predict? Happy to connect outside of this thread as well, but I wonder what your take is on a reasonable % off MSRP for the Advance trim. Thank you!

No, all acuras are made in ohio. They have been shut for 2 months and they’re unsure when they’re opening. Supply is very limited at this point. They will pull back

Got it, thanks. I guess I’ll continue watching and will see how things play out. I am in no hurry. I suppose I could also propose my deal to a few dealers and see what happens…the worst they say is no, right?

Any reason why you’d spend that kind of money on a 3 row and not get an XC90? It’s better than the MDX in every single way.

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Fair question- I am considering the XC90 as well, but my husband has an XC60 and I guess I just felt…odd…being a 100% Volvo family. Also, I’ve never driven one before so maybe I just don’t know what I’m missing. I will check it out before making any decisions on an MDX though. Are there decent deals to be had on the XC90?

I say it doesn’t lease well, because Acura MF is usually higher than it’s competitors and the RV on the MDX isn’t great. Where the RV on a similarly equipped Highlander might be 60%, the MDX is 5-6% lower on average. Lower RV plus higher MF, means you pay more for a similar vehicle in the class.

Got it, that makes sense. I had noticed the residual seemed poor.