2020 Acura ILX base model, 10k miles, 36 month lease, Zero down, Monthly payment $287.12, Good deal?

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Acura ILX Base Model
MSRP: $26,925
Monthly Payment: $287.12
Drive-Off Amount: $593.19( first month + DMV Fee)
Months: 36 Month lease
Annual Mileage: 10,000 miles a year
MF: .00225%
Residual: $15,078
Region: New York
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

How much resistance are you getting from the dealer to go lower than your $20,900 selling price?

What do you mean by that? He said this is his lowest price, can’t budge anymore than that, going to go in and sign, just wanted some thoughts on whether or not if it’s a good deal

I mean did you ask for something lower than 20,900? Did you push the dealer to go lower?

I did yes, a lot of back and forth, I saw that post also just now

Do you have a discount target you were trying to get to? How many dealers did you negotiate with? From what I have seen your dealer is not offering you a great deal.

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I started off at the premium model at $366, got it down to 325, then the dealer sold that model and the base model was the only one left, dropped the price to 290 for the base but then didn’t budge we got to the 287 number, did check another one not the one in that post but going to give them a call tomorrow and get pricing

Here is a NY Acura broker. It looks like he has a better deal on a similar MSRP ILX. @aronchi. I suggest you reach out if you want to go the broker route. I hear good things about Aronchi.

You won’t find many ILX deals posted here so unfortunately I don’t have a solid pre-incentive discount target to pass along. I don’t negotiate monthly payment, I negotiate price. If I were gunning for an ILX I would offer 9% to 10% off on top of the Acura-to-Dealer cash in your region (mine was $3,750 last month if memory serves, not sure what your region is). This is aggressive in this dealer friendly market. I would go to as many Acura dealers I had time for and settle up on the best offer. Good luck.

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I walked into an Acura dealership on a whim last month, was shopping but not for an Acura. RDX was out of my range which is what I wanted because would like AWD for my kids to take upstate. I am in NY.

The dealer was nice and said they are trying to sell the 2020s. At first he showed me the national promotion which I think is 229 on the base ILX with 3K cap cost and 289 with 3k cap cost on the base TLX which is getting updated. When I said that was too much he said, what about the same but with 0 down, I am not sure if that was with or without a bank fee since it is not the car I want, plus DMV and taxes which I always pay upfront anyway. Told him I would think about it. He said the deal was through August as long as they have them. Last I checked yesterday in his inventory he only had 2 ILXs left but had plenty of TLXs if you are interested. PM me if you want his name and information. Did not run it through the calculator but he also gave me purchase prices but I left them in my car so do not have them handy

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Thank you for the help just messaged him

Yeah if you don’t mind, I’ll take the information, I’ll try my luck, a lot of brokers told me to take the deal they couldn’t beat it

It seems like you only got $1000 off from MSRP, that’s not a good deal at all.