2020 530xi Loaner ONE PAY LEASE - 36/10K $15,500.00 total out the door

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This is not for me. This was for my sister who wanted to get into another BMW. I’ve spoiled her with a unicorn deal that I did back in 2019 on an F30 328d M Sport sedan. That lease was ending and she wanted to get back into another BMW. Told her to sway away from the brand (given the market) but she insisted so I had to get to work to get her some sort of a decent deal. She was really set on a 5er.

Had alittle luck finding this car as it was at a NY dealer where the doc fee is only $75.00. That coupled with a strong dealer discount and my sister willing to do one pay (where it’s essentially better than MSD’s) was a no brainer for strong numbers.

Found this car in the dealers lost and found section (as they didnt even know it was lease-able). It was an aged unit (built in late 2019) and only had 2,700 miles. It was listed in their pre-owned inventory.
Although it only had 2,700 miles, this was pulled out of loaner service before the new year, so it was grandfathered in to be lease-able. It was the dealers last 2020. They made me work over 2 days for it going back and forth on the numbers and having to dissect them until we agreed. The finance manager finally called me last night and we had to go over all the details. After the large discount, I agreed for him to slightly mark up the MF from a base MF of .00086 to .00106 and then bring it back down to .00076 with the one pay. He said that was his limit, so I agreed for him to make some money on the back end of the deal.

He was like, “You’re very well versed in the numbers and the going market of BMW’s” :sweat_smile:
I told him, I said I can practically sell these…lmaoo… :rofl:

I also told him, I kinda did you a favor pulling this out of your lost and found section otherwise this wouldve went right to your used car lot in 10 days. He looked at me, laughed and agreed.

It’s your typical run of the mill 530xi loaner, but it is definitely a smooth, floaty/cushy ride (unlike my stiff 330xi M Sport). That’s what my sister wanted so there ya go…

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 530xi Loaner
MSRP: $58,885
Selling Price: $47,500 (19.33% off)
Monthly Payment: $ 0
Drive-Off Amount: $15,500 (One Pay Lease)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00106 (one pay reduction to .00076)
Incentives: $500 Lease Cash, $2,000 loyalty and $500 Penfed ($3,000 total)
Region: NYC Tri State Area
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Couldnt adjust the calculator due to the new formula for min of 4K loaner miles, but its close. Total cash due at signing was $15,500.

Told my sister that my “broker fee” for this was a top steakhouse dinner in NYC. She naturally obliged.




This was a great deal for her until that got thrown on top! LOL.

$430 effective per month is :muscle:. Nice work!


Ehh, Nice Ribeye and 2 glasses of wine at Peter Lugers. I don’t ask for much…

They’re not as great as they used to be. Just ask for the cash! lol

I’d take that! Congrats :champagne:

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Well done. Congats!

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