2020 530e Lease Assistance

So I’m looking at replacing my 17’ 530i with a 20’ 530e, however, some things are a bit confusing on my end here. Was hoping someone can shed some light on these questions.

1.) I’m in California, and it seems that Cali no longer offers a Clean Vehicle Rebate to the 530e. Has this been replaced by a different rebate, or is it just gone altogether?

2.) I’m trying to scour events to get a hold of an OL code, however, it seems that I cannot find an event for the life of me. The thread I found on here was also not reflecting any, so I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t up to date with 2020 yet. Does anyone possibly have any insight on where I can acquire one?

3.) The car I found is nearly 100% perfect match to what I want, seats are just the wrong color, no biggie. MSRP is $67,320, Invoice from dealer shows $63,230, however, True Market Value shows it’s below invoice at $60,278. I’m accustom to TMV being in between, so after multiple refreshes, matches the MSRP and Invoice exactly on TMV, TMV keeps showing it’s TMV is below. I have been attempting to see if I can get at least 10% off MSRP, which would be in like a $60,700 range, so would the TMV be accurate in this case for a nice Sales Price for leasing?

4.) I have Loyalty and Lease Credit, as well as hopefully OL code if I can find one. Being a brand new car with no miles, I’m aiming to get the BMW CCA, SoCal Edison and Fed Tax Credit. I’m assuming all 3 (obviously taxes, yes, but mainly CCA and SoCal Ed) are rebates that aren’t applied onto the car at time of sale/signing, correct? Only the Loyalty, Lease Credit and OL code are at signing?

5.) I have a few friends that work for BMW as well as a broker for an Exotic Car dealership (they do a few BMWs) and I asked them all about this secret VIP rebate/incentive that was in the $1500 for 5 series. Does anyone here know what this is? It seems to be a complete mystery, and at this point, I believe I’m chasing Big Foot.

Thank you everyone who helps me out, hoping to later post a deal if it’s worth it.

  1. It’s gone.
  2. Don’t know.
  3. 10% off should be doable.
  4. CCA and SCE are post-sale rebates. You do not get the federal EV tax rebate on leases.
  5. Don’t know.
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