2020 440i XDrive MSRP 65000 Lease help


Looking for lease number (mf res) on a 2020 440i xdrive. Qualify for USAA, college grad, loyalty, and I believe there is a lease credit. 3 years 10k/year.


Edmunds is the best source for that info

Received some numbers:

MSRP: 65,015
Savings: 5,515
Rebate: 3,750
Cap Cost: 55,750
Tax (in mass it should be 6.25 on the monthly payment): 3,940
Dealer/State Fees: 639
Total Price: 60,329* I calculate the price as 55750 plus tax each month.

Residual: 60
MF: .00142
Months: 36
Miles: 10k/year

USAA and Loyalty rebates included in the above.

Dealer is quoting $3750 drive off and 750/mo with nothing additional out of pocket???

My numbers are closer to 620/mo plus tax and 0 down and 0 drive off.

55750 x 40%. Divide by 36/mo. Add interest. Add tax.

I am also pretty sure they are including the current $3500 4 series rebate in there - so only about 1500 of a real discount.


Is it too unrealistic to negotiate down to $550 a month (1% of the discounted price) plus tax and put absolutely zero out of pocket minus dealer fees.

I have Costco, USAA, recent grad, loyalty and there is that 4 series rebate.

Thank you.


Sub-10% discount is quite poor

I’d suggest taking some time reading up on how leases are calculated. There is a great article in the leasing 101 section on here that goes through it.

Your 55750 x 40% etc line isn’t how it works. Residual value is based off MSRP, interest isn’t based off the monthly amount, etc.

Dealer may be showing $3750 das with the rebate covering it. That’s how you can have $3750 das and $0 out of pocket.

Are you sure they’re giving you buy rate MF or is that just what Edmunds says it is? Their numbers add up just about perfectly if the rebate is being applied as das and they’re marking the mf up to .00182 (typical max markup)

Appreciate the information and will do.

The MF is coming from the dealer.

So the number add up. Next question is this a good deal then?


Well, the numbers add up if the mf is marked up. They don’t if it isn’t.

No, this isn’t a good deal. Need to figure out what is going on with the numbers to figure out just how not good it is.

Are both you and the dealer in Massachusetts?

I was negotiating an out of state Mercedes lease recently on a similarly priced car and got around a 20% discount off a brand new vehicle. Of course dealers will tell you this never happens

He’s not going to get 20% off pre-incentive on a new bmw 440i. There’s room for improvement here, but not that much.

He definitely won’t, I agree.


Let me see if I am understanding based on the 101.

MSRP is 65015. Cap cost is 55750.

Residual is at 60 percent.

So, agreed upon cap cost of 55750 - residual of 39,009 is 16,750. Plus the rental charge (55750 + 39009 and then multiplied by the .00142 is $133/mo.)

I get a payment of $598. Plus tax

Rough numbers. I don’t get to $750/mo

I see what’s happening. Forgive my ignorance.

Car discount and incentives total 5k, not 10k.

As stated before, the 3750 is taking care of all my cash out of pocket costs.

I need to get to 10-15 percent off plus rebates and the 3750 incentive to get me to that mid 500s

I’m not able to get to $750 without bumping the mf

Note that I’m combining dealer and state fees in the fees section

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Thank you for that.

I appreciate it.

There are a ton of rebates and incentives. If they can discount the MSRP 8-10 percent, apply all rebates/incentives, and keep the MF low - this should work out.


Well, first thing you need to figure out is where the extra $36 a month is coming from. That’s an extra $1300 coming from somewhere.

And why are they showing $3900 in sales tax on your lease sheet. Mass is sales tax on the lease payment from what I can tell.