2020 330i Loaner Lease

I’m new to this platform and the auto leasing world. I’ve heard about a couple people getting offers for bmw 330i loaner at around $360/month, 12kmiles, with zero down (or at most 1k for drive off fees). I’ve been to a couple bmw dealers and have told me this is not possible. One dealer told me i would have to put 4k down for this monthly price. Can someone point me in the right direction. I’m kind of lost with how this works.

Well of course it’s not possible. Audi dealers don’t sell those cars!


OOOops just caught that and fixed it, meant to say BMW*

Lots of moving factors here. I’d suggest reading the Leasing 101 article. You can’t just walk into a dealer saying I want “xyz” payment. You need to provide proof as to why that payment is attainable. MSRP, discount, sale price, residual, money factor, region, etc… the list of factors goes on and on.

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Yea, first and foremost you need to understand why someone was able to get a certain 330i for $360/month before you just start asking dealers for a demo 330i for $360/month.

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Especially BMW with the multitude incentives/rebates, trunk/flagship money (not saying it applies here), MSD’s… list goes on and on

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With the inventory shortage, the deals from few months ago may not be replicable.

Prices currently offered by the brokers show what’s possible.

You can either

  1. go with them and save headaches
  2. learn how leasing actually works and shave a couple bucks more per month

If you aren’t good with numbers, recommend option #1

Also, the initial offers from the dealers are always terrible; it’s to gauge how savvy you are with the leasing process. You have to fight for the numbers you see here.

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Welcome @gigi25.

Since you are new I am going to assume you know very little. Since you want to learn what is possible my first suggestion is to find a lease broker (someone who will negotiate your car deal, you pay them a fee around $500). Let me suggest you look at @legendsauto. They are based in LA and can get you an available 330i demo. No need to call them - its too early for that. Look them up here and you will find they post a spreadsheet with their current July deals. You will get an idea of how much demos cost.

For example, they have a 330i for $332-$359/month plus $2,000 due at signing. The can get you to $0 DAS, but the payment goes up.

Go to the Leasing 101 section and look up an article called “Fart Cars” (yes, boys will be boys). It will explain how demos work.

That should get you started.

If you this information peaks your interest, I suggest you consider using a broker. You can do it yourself - but you will need to do your homework to get a good demo deal. People that do not put in the time, end up paying more for a demo than they would a new car. I don’t want you to be one of them.

Good luck. And again - welcome. There is a lot of information here if you are the curious type.


Wow thanks for the pointers! I have a lot of homework to do.

Got it, thanks!