2020 330i Loaner Good Deal?

Long time lurker finally posting to see if I can get some advice on a 2020 330i loaner lease deal.

Miles: ~4000
MSRP: 42745
Selling Price: 36,888
Due at signing 2888
Incentives: 2750 (already factored in)
MF: 0.00118
Residual: 59%
Monthly: 333 total including local tax

Not sure if this is a good deal or not or whether I should even consider leasing during these times? It seems like an ok deal, but do you think I can do better? Thanks for your help everyone.

How does 7% pre-incentive at buy rate MF compare to the other loaner deals on here you have researched?


Just realized pre incentive is 7% damn thats terrible. My bad :joy:

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Aside from the negotiations aspect, you need to decide if you’re going to be happy in such a barebones car for 3 years.

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Definitely important to consider, that’s the lowest-MSRP 330i I’ve ever seen.

These numbers scream of Crevier BMW and appear to be the numbers that they promote on their website. Have you tried working numbers down over email or was this the first pass?

First pass. Gonna try and bring it down more, but listening to @max_g’s advice. Might try to shoot for a 330i with more options. :man_shrugging:

It needs to come down $4-5k