2020 330i Deal check

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Hello this is my first post so sorry if it is lacking anything. My A3 lease is up next month so I have been trying to find a deal on a 330i. I live in central FL (6.5% tax) but the best I found was in GA. I only wanted to put first month down.
MSRP: $42,245
Discount: $9,139
Selling Price: $33,106
Perma Plate & Kahu 3yr: $800 ( Manager said it could not come off Sales person said it could )
Rebate: $1,750 ( Conquest…My cousin who I live with has a 330i so do I qualify for loyalty?)
Residual: 59%
MF: .00158( They bumped )
Mileage: 3,920
Dealer fee: $799
Acquisition fee: $925
DAS: $407
Payment: $407

If they remove those $800 in add ons is this the best deal I can get??
My goal was to be closer to 360 with first month and we are there if I get buy rate, and removal of add ons but when I asked for both I was told no .
Also with everything going on I am not really using my car so I am also debating not having a car payment for a few months until everything is back to normal, if anyone had any opinions on that.

Then try to find a new dealer who will.

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Why pay for something you don’t need?

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Assuming the $1750 incentive is included in the $9139 discount then you’re getting a little over 17% discount pre-incentive which is pretty dang good for a loaner.

Unfortunately they’re sticking it to you with the $800 Perma Plate nonsense and marked up MF to the max (not to mention the typical high FL doc fees).

And with another BMW registered at your household you do qualify for loyalty, so at the very least you need the dealer to swap conquest for loyalty and recalculate.

When you consider the Perma Plate and marked up MF you’re really around ~13% discount pre-incentive not including the doc fee. All in all it’s not a terrible deal on a loaner but it’s certainly not a great deal either.

Def don’t get a car if you don’t need it.

Just don’t have a lapse in your insurance

How would that be possible if you only have one car? Asking because I’m in the same boat… one car about to be transferred and not replaced in the next few months

Some insurance companies will keep you on personal liability only policies.

Depends on the state regulations I think some places you can deactivate (not cancel) while in between cars while others require the min liability

This might be me over thinking it, but let’s say things go back to normal for work I will need a car and I’m afraid I’ll have to settle for a brand who’s incentives are better than BMWs, again might be thinking it out of proportion

Thankfully I’ve been working from home, and I can manage to go on a grocery run with my cousins car, however once work picks up I’ll need a car to get to the office and some sites

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If there’s one thing you can count on in these uncertain times, it’s that BMW is hooked on leasing like crack


As others said if you dont need a car, like you said working from home, wait and save your cash!

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Do you mean when all this is over I can probably bet on being able to find a deal with BMW

Yes IMO.

The only reason to sign a deal in your shoes would be if you got an outstanding deal on a 2019, which is supposedly ending this month.

Great point thanks, I think I’ll just wait