2019 XC90 loaner deals

I’ve been watching the '19 XC90 loaners market. There are some nice discounts advertised (20% off give or take) …and that’s even before talking to the dealer.

For example I found a 19 XC90 T6 Momentum MSRP $62600 XC90 listed for $48900.

I currently have 4 payments left on my GLE lease.

I am likely 5-7k underwater on the GLE (buyout vs trade in). It also has some damage that I’d prefer to not have to deal with at turn-in with MB.

Even if I had to roll a few thousand negative equity from the GLE into the xc90, would a sub $600/mo payment be a realistic goal?

Are there enough incentives, rebates, trunk money, conquest money, etc in the Volvo to make a deal possible? thanks for the guidance -

Not a chance. Ever. Ccheck MF/RV on Edmunds. Incentives - on payment estimator on Volvo site (replace 2020 with 2019 in the URL on zip code page)
Finish your lease and there will be much better deals on 2020s

Thanks Ursus!