2019 XC60 T5 AWD - Gurus please check

2019 AWD Volvo T5 Momentum w/ Premium Package, 20" wheels

I’m not sure if his sales price he is quoting me has the incentives factored in already or not (e.g. is it really $46,320) in which case it’s not as good a deal

Dealer says with acquisition fee and taxes upfront it’s $435 / month

MSRP: $49,745
Sales price: $44,320
MF: .00083
Incentives: $2,000 (dealer + Costco)
Residual: 60%
36M / 7.5k
Taxes: $1,308.51

Go for a T6 in MD/VA - $4,750 incentives. And don’t do Costco, unless the dealer gives you 10%+ before incentives.

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Hmm interesting but suppose they don’t deliver? My adjusted cap cost on this is $43,320 since Costco is a $1,000 rebate so on the surface this seems like a decent deal? 8.7 on LH calc and 10.9% off MSRP?

Take a ride or a short flight and drive it home. If you want the best deal possible, use @ursus’s advice. If you’re satisfied with the deal you got, take it or shop other local dealers.

Ok do you have a specific dealer I can contact. Do you mind PMing me?

There is a dealer from Annapolis here - @okboye. Contact him for starters.

Thanks Ursus. Will do

But am i wrong that this looks to be 10.9% off before Costco?

You need to figure out first what the sales price before incentives. Looks like they give you Costco invoice price (~6% off) and you can beat it without Costco extra 1k.

He told me the selling price is $44,320 which includes the $1,000 from Volvo. The Costco discount is a rebate so the adjusted cap cost is $43,320 and the discount is $5,425 which is more than 10% off MSRP

Forget incentives for a minute. You need to focus on sales price BEFORE incentives. That incentive cash is yours. Don’t let them use it in place of their discount.

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Got it so then $45,320 selling price vs $49,475 so then like 8% or so discount. Sounds like I can chip away

Seems the incentives are only $4000 for T6 in DMV area, even thought the Volvo estimator shows $4,750.
You can still negotiate to 10%+ off before incentives then apply Costco’s $1000 with Volvo’s $4000 to get a total of $5000 incentives, right?

@Ursus so you’re saying OP is entitled to more incentives if he shops in the MD/VA area, rather than the NY tri-state area?

Wouldn’t incentives be based on where you’re registering rather than buying or does Volvo do things differently?


Not sure what you mean. Incentives are $4,750 on T6. You can’t negotiate on Costco, unless dealer agrees to go below invoice. Then anything better than 8% is good. Otherwise, negotiate without Costco.

@TheBigTuna - yes, Volvo incentives based on the dealer’s location.

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The Volvo site does show $4750 incentives on T6 but guys on Edmunds forums said only $4000.
You can negotiate on invoice price and apply the Costco rebate, did this before.

I’ve seen this discrepancy also. Quite confusing. Anyone hear from a dealer — is it $4k or $4,750 on the XC60? @okboye?

It’s $4,000 in MD. I don’t know why it says $4,750. The only thing that has exactly a $4,750 incentive is XC90 T6 purchase.

And no, you cannot negotiate on Costco. It’s a set price. Dealers get charge-backs if they negotiate. If you find one that’s willing to negotiate, don’t do it. Might void your contract and you later have to go resign at a higher price.

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I guess some may still do it if the $1k change back is less than or equal to what they make on the sale plus they get an extra unit sold. I don’t believe the contract will be rejected, it just the dealer may get punished.

The screenshot from Costco Auto site, however, indicated that the Costco price is negotiable. And the below-invoice price can apply the Costco incentive.