2019 X7 50i lease offer

Hello Hackrs, got this offer from a dealer for a 2019 x7 50i today. Im not in a rush as we currently have another vehicle in the household but wife wants an X7. This deal seems pretty good to me and I know there’s no guarantees as to what the future holds. Im debating myself as to whether I should wait until the end of the year to try and score a better deal or if this offer is potentially as good as its going to get. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated!
2019 x7 50i
msrp 106,695
discount 14,937
fees 1900
Bmw lease credit 3000
MF .00093 (w/max msds’)
36/7500 (not a daily driver)
0 Das
1007/mo including taxes & 1st month

Looks good.


What is your tax rate that is included in your payment? What dealership offered you this deal?

Thank you.

Best I have seen so far . X7 prices seems to be normalizing.

Only because of lease cash (50i) and demand beginning to wane as everyone who absolutely positively had to have one, got one; Which just leaves the rest.

7%, The salesman told me its a 1off and doesn’t want me to disclose

Im going to sign tomorrow, the MSD they quoted is 7350 but my monthly is 1006.26. Shouldn’t max MSD be Monthly * 7 = 7,043.82?

They round up to the next $50. In this case $1150 x 7 = $7350 is correct.


Could make sense to make a small cap cost reduction to get the monthly to $999, which in return lowers the security deposit.

Although, if you an afford a $100k car, doubt a few dollars savings matters.

This is a sick deal on a sick car. Congrats.

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I agree with you. It just feels better. Even if its just title and reg, he’s in the clear :slight_smile:

The extra $180 or so will bring the MSDs down $350. $999.99 also just sounds better than $1006.

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Nope! Not a good deal…Didn’t @212hackr post a better deal on the X7?

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These X7’s are becoming more cool than the RR to some folks in LA

I thought the telluride was the new RR? X7 is selling at discont but Telluride is at Premium over MSRP? What a world!!!

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It’s different for a 50i, but @electric has 2 at more than 10% off and base MF.

you’re right…the telluride looks better than cars triple it’s price. Take off the logo and throw on hmmmm maybe Mclaren to confuse the LA women LOL

Hah, I don’t think that works. Part of the problem is that Korean cars crumple like paper. I wish I had a picture of my parents’ Cadenza from a low-speed accident. 3 weeks later, and still in pieces in the shop…

Thanks. 999 does have a nice ring to it but I already signed.

Honestly Its more than I wanted to pay but Ive searched far and wide probably 40-50 dealers and 14% off msrp on a new x7 is the best offer I’ve received by 2%. I don’t qualify for loyalty but with the 3k lease cash on the 19 50i discount is pushing 17%

Telluride is very nice, I tried to sell my wife on one but she wasn’t budging