2019 X7 50i lease offer

Hello Hackrs, got this offer from a dealer for a 2019 x7 50i today. Im not in a rush as we currently have another vehicle in the household but wife wants an X7. This deal seems pretty good to me and I know there’s no guarantees as to what the future holds. Im debating myself as to whether I should wait until the end of the year to try and score a better deal or if this offer is potentially as good as its going to get. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated!
2019 x7 50i
msrp 106,695
discount 14,937
fees 1900
Bmw lease credit 3000
MF .00093 (w/max msds’)
36/7500 (not a daily driver)
0 Das
1007/mo including taxes & 1st month

Looks good.


What is your tax rate that is included in your payment? What dealership offered you this deal?

Thank you.

Best I have seen so far . X7 prices seems to be normalizing.

Only because of lease cash (50i) and demand beginning to wane as everyone who absolutely positively had to have one, got one; Which just leaves the rest.