2019 X5 40i loaner 36/10k $692 per month. How is it?


This is a BMW 2019 x5 40i loaner that has roughly 4300 miles. Because it’s a loaner, they give me a discount of $7268 (10%) for those 4300 miles. I also have loyalty and recent grad incentives ($2250). $5000 down payment is the trade-in value of my current BMW. The dealer said it’s called cap reduction, so how’s it different from down payment? Also, the money didn’t add up in the calculator, so I guess I have a wrong residual? (I forgot to ask them about residual) The dealer said to get CCA discount you have to have more than 1-year membership with them?

I am in TX, so taxes are included in the monthly payments. The dealer wouldn’t go any lower than this offer. Should I just walk away? Please tell me what you think! Thanks.

MSRP: $67045
Sell price: 59777
Monthly Payment: $692
Drive-Off Amount: $691
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.00145 (my guess)
Residual: not sure, 56% is my guess
Incentives: loyalty 1250 + recent grad 1000
Region: TX
Leasehackr Score: 7.8
Leasehackr Calculator Link: leasehackr calculator

Promptly walk away, that discount could be had on a new one and the payment would be lower(no miles to ding the residual) continue to get more quotes from other dealers.

Poor discount, they’re also killing you on the trade-in.

Discount is WAYYYY too low. For a loaner, here is my formula: 10% + 1% for every 500 miles on the odo

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If you haven’t seen my last post, you are welcome to see it first. So this is becoming more and more interesting as the dealership contacted me few hours later after I walked out of their door. They are willing to sell me this new MSRP 70k x5 which I am interested in for 690 a month. Still, 5k for my current 2013 335i and recent grad + loyalty. They are asking me to sign it on Monday or the offer expires. I should ask for more discounts, right?

Still, the numbers don’t add up in the calculator. I don’t know how to treat the 5k trade-in. If I put it in the down payment, the monthly goes down to 555. If I get rid of it, the monthly becomes to 710 which is closer to their offers. Any thoughts?

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2013 BMW X5 40i
MSRP: $70520
Monthly Payment: $690
Drive-Off Amount: $690
Annual Mileage:10k
MF: assume 0.00148
Residual: 60%
Incentives: 2250 (recent grad + loyalty) + 1000 CCA post-sale rebate
Leasehackr Score: I don’t know how to put the 5k trade-in, so idk for now
Leasehackr Calculator Link: [CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR](http://leasehackr calculator)

Can anyone tell me how did they get this number? Residual and state tax is correct.

  1. Is a 2013 3 series really worth 5K? Seems low. I would check Carvana or Vroom first for a quote.
  2. That 5K is going towards your DOWNPAYMENT. Ask them to make it a separate deal, and cut you a check for it, not use it as a payment for the car.
  3. No need for any or atleast this kinda down-payment.
  4. Ask for base MF of 0.000148 (but its Autonation, who knows if they will agree
  5. Shoot for 12% off BEFORE incentives . Settle for 10-11%

$5k for a 2013 335 is extremely low. Edit: or if you mean net over what you owe?

Residual is 58% for a 2019 x5 10k miles and that money factor is marked up should be .00128.

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No. I own this 335. It’s just their quote on my car. It seems to me that their quote is wayyy to low

Numbers not adding up is irrelevant to be honest.

As long as they cut you a check for trade in and you pay $690 per month with first month due at signing it’s a strong deal.

Put that $5k trade in towards MSD and you may have one of the strongest X5 deals seen on LH.

Thank you for your reply. I am working with the dealer toward that direction. The monthly payments in this quote includes the trade-in “down payment” of my current car: $5000. They are not willing to cut a check for my car. They said if I don’t want to trade-in, the monthly payments will roughly go up for $150 which I think it’s not good. My offer to them was $710/month 0 down no trade-in max MSD, cash due first month, take or leave. Waiting for their response on Monday.

Thanks for your reply. I just checked with both Carvana and Vroom. The quote was 7500+. Now I know for sure this dealership is trying to rip me off.

Screw the trade in with that dealership. Take it elsewhere. Can check Carmax too etc.

Also, you should really look at the total value of the lease, rather than focus on monthly. Think of the effective payments i.e. Monthly + Down/lease term. Is this deal worth $850/m to you?

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