2019 X3 M40i Deal in Texas (DFW Area)


Ok so here’s the deal I was offered today while doing a pre-inspection on my wifes car, 1 month out from turning in (Owner’s Choice). I wanted to get a starting point for this discussion next month.

Looking at this deal, and keeping in mind that it is in Texas, what should I push the dealer to improve on? (Classic BMW) I couldn’t get the calculator to match up exactly.

Thanks for your Help!!!

The discount is absolutely atrocious. 3%? I’d be pushing for 10-12% discount. Also, check to see if they have any tax credits they can give you to offset some of that money there.

I can’t say anything about the MF because I’m assuming it is owners choice, but make sure they are not marking it up. We also do not recommend putting any cap reduction down upfront.

This will be a straight up lease. I think the “Cap reduction” listed is a $1,500 loyalty and a $2,000 lease credit from BMW. Thanks!!

Strange because the MF this month is .00165 and they’re showing it as .00228. The most they could mark it up is to .00205, which is why I assumed they did owners choice.

Still, you need a much deeper discount before incentives, buy rate on the MF, and should ask about tax credits.

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Wow that is bad

Good thing you came here before signing. Probably just go to another dealer, if this is the initial deal you’re getting, it probably isn’t worth negotiating with them. Go to BMW San Antonio or something like that

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Try autobahn BMW DFW

This deal is literally trash. You can get down to 2/3 or this even with TX taxes if you play your cards right.

Target $58,000 or better as a sale price before rebates for starters and insist on buy rate MF.

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Keep pushing
Search the forum for similar deals

I did 10.6% in the PNW with buy-rate. Got me to the 1% rule. If I can do it in the PNW, you can definitely do it in Texas