2019 VW Tiguan SEL Rline - please confirm my math

The car is 2019 VW Tiguan SEL rline 4 motion ( https://www.kelly-vw.com/new/Volkswagen/2019-Volkswagen-Tiguan--6fb2d2080a0e0a6b2c0a5706e92c4c34.htm)

MSRP 37105 advertised sell price 31712.00
Based on the information from Edmunds its 57% resudual, 1550 lease cash, and .00084MF
I qualify for VW Partner 500 and College Rebate 500

My understanding that VW margin is about 12.5% + about 1000 in holdback. So the advertised sell prices looks legit.

The lease calculator is attached. I am calculating dealer fees as 399 doc and 170 reg/plates. + First payment ect… If I want to keep it exactly at 300/month I may need to come up with a small downpayment…

First thing to do is confirm that sales price is valid for leases. Many times it already includes purchase-only incentives.

Good call, reaching out to dealer to confirm price can be applied for a lease…

The dealer came back with a lease sales price as 31912 which already included the 1550 lease cash.
I think if I came in to negotiate the deal I could probably walk out with a 350/m payment on this car which is not good enough to get me out of my existing lease few month early. I will wait for better rebates in August…