2019 VW GLI 36/10k deal check

Hey guys, Just wanted to check this deal before moving forward.The dealership is also taking care of the last three months of my previous lease of a GTI which comes to $1077.
Zipcode: 12569 (8.125%)
MSRP: 30424
Getting roughly 15% off
MF: 0.00064
Residual: 49% – keep in mind it’s a 2019

Below is a printout of the lease:

You might want to check out the 2020s if the residual is a lot higher.

Also, doesn’t VW have a pull-ahead program?

Yes, this is taking advantage of the pull ahead program. I asked about a 2020, but the MSRP is about 2k higher for the same trim and there are less incentives so it ended up being a more expensive quote with them coming down only 3% on the MSRP of the 2020.

I’m being offered a 2020 Tiguan to replace my 2018 with a 4-month pull ahead and getting discounts plus incentive totaling 18% off msrp. SoCal.
Seems like your discount (albeit on a different vehicle in a different region) could be better.

Still a lot for a Jetta.

Maybe hold your car until the 2020 incentives get better? Or, get some quotes from other dealers.

I think you could do a bit better. I am chatting with an agent from a local shop with a couple of GLIs left (not Autobahn though, regular S) and they should be coming back from something close to $300/m.

10k, 36m as well, residual 48%, waiting on MF. Like you said, its 2019 and the Sales Manager told me via email that they are looking to get rid of all their remaining 2019s by March so I assume most dealers are looking to offload theirs. I read that March may be the deadline for leasing 2019s (for some brands), but I haven’t verified that yet.

Good luck, they need you more than you need them!

Did you see this last month?