2019 Volvo XC90 T6 Momentum SUV, a good deal?

Hi, this is my first time to lease a car. I am located in Washington DC area. Below are the numbers offered by a nearby Volvo dealer. Does the offer look ok?

2019 Volvo XC90 T6 Momentum AWD
36 monthes
7500 miles/yr

MSRP: 62,930
Selling price: 55,100 (12.4% off MSRP)
0 down payment
2000 due at signing including first month
10 MSD: 6500 (refundable after lease end)

Monthly payment: 650 (including tax and fees)

There’s no way MSDs could be $9,000 if the payment is $632. The MSDs would be $6,500.

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Is your selling price listed pre or post incentives?

I’m guessing post based on the payment for the term, which suggests there’s probably a lot of room to discount further. Don’t know exactly what the incentives are in DC.

What MF are they charging?

I hear that it’s possible the MSD is calculated before certain incentives are applied. So it can explain why 1 MSD is 9000 but the actual monthly payment is $632.

You heard wrong.

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This is from leasehackr calculator. The monthly pay is 2xx but the 10 MSD is 4k, not 3k. :slight_smile:

MBFS bases it on the pre-MSD monthly, not post-MSD. Nothing to do with incentives.

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Is the dealer in VA and where are you (tax)? Clarify $9,000 - there is $2,500 in there which is either down payment or fees.Discount is low, just under 7.5%.

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