2019 Volvo XC90 T6 Inscription Lease Opinion

Hello everyone,

Just got a lease quote from a dealer in NY for the following:

2019 XC90 T6 Inscription
MSRP: $65,130
Sale Price: $58,874
MF: 0.00137
Lease-end Value: $37,174 (57%)
Miles Allowance: 7,500
Term: 39 months
Monthly Pmt: $716.08
Cash due at Signing (this is out the door cash): $2,879.66 (includes Tax @ 7.375% = $2,065.43 and 1st Month @ $716.08)
Bank Fee: $995 (rolled into the pmt)

Keep in mind this was after a test drive and ZERO time negotiating; I didn’t engage since it was too late in the day and had to be somewhere else.

So the question I have is: What’s a realistic price to aim from here and what types of deals are people getting in upstate NY/tri-state area?

I’m aware the miles are low at 7,500 but for us it’s more that enough so don’t really mind it.

Appreciate the feedback.


anyone has a view?

Absolutely terrible and almost $3k down to boot.

@joeblogs - the cash due looks like $2,065 (blame NY), 1st payment, and about $98 for documentation/dealer fee/license (seems really low). $0 down.

@MeloB - it looks like there’s $1,500 lease cash, so your selling price looks good, and you’re at the buy rate. Looks solid to me.

Do Volvo dealers in NY have the 1st payment waiver?

So it’s just a terrible vehicle to lease, not a terrible deal? Same difference, oh and it’s only 7500 miles, another strike

Thanks KD6! Not sure, I’ll have to look some more into it. I wasn’t really looking for a XC90, was more focused on a Q7. I know VW does have it.

@joeblogs - $716/mo on a car with a $65,130 MSRP seems like just a bit over 1%, right? 10K payment skyrockets to $732.That’s terrible? C’mon. One of the best and safest cars on the market. You sound like that dimitry clown.

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It’s almost $3k DAS, so no it’s not a bit over 1%. But whatever, it’s great

The cash due at signing is just tax and 1st payment. Wake up.

Oh I get it now, thanks. I guess tax doesn’t count in this one since it’s up front and not rolled in.

love this forum…lol. Anyway, so I guess the question is: how much more should I push this without “lowballing” the dealer, not that I care but still…

I’ll let the expert handle this one

It’s a great car, and deals can be had on the xc90, but the problem is the inscription trim doesn’t lease well.

Based on what?

The incentives can vary between Momentum, Inscription, and R-Design. Have you checked NY?

Rv is higher on momentum then inscription or r design.

Okay. MF/RV for 39/7500 is 0.00155/60% for T6 Momentums, 0.00137/57% for T6 Inscriptions, and 0.00108/58% for T6 R-Designs. In NY, there’s a $1,500 incentive on Inscriptions, but $0 on Momentums. I didn’t look up R-Designs.

Must be a regional difference, because there’s no incentives on either trim in SoCal and I think the momentum RV is like 4 points higher than inscription.

I’m deciding between a Q7 and xc90 right now, and shopping an xc90 is extremely frustrating because every single trim, drivetrain and Powertrain has a different RV and mf. Plus, difference in regional programs.

It’s like Volvo is trying to make it difficult for a diligent/informed buyer.

Much easier to shop the Q7 because everything is relatively the same across the trims.

@mikem - The Q7 is the main competitor and I don’t know what sort of deals they have at all. Sent you a PM.