2019 Volvo XC90 T5 AWD & T6 Lease Offer

I am new to this, but really appreciate all the information and advice here! Apologies in advance if I use incorrect terminology or misunderstand how something works . . . trying to learn.

Sooo – I would appreciate feedback on the following lease offer – also wondering which fees are negotiable (are fees set by the state or dealer or manufacturer?).

This is just the first of two offers I’ve received from NJ Volvo dealerships, but not sure if it even makes sense to pursue if I can wait for the (hopefully better!) December incentives (as @KD6-3.7 already suggested). Or . . . do I try to get best offer now and then once December program is announced, go back and try to improve offer – or just wasting everyone’s time?

Lease Offer on the left is 2019 Volvo XC90 T5 AWD / on the right is 2019 Volvo XC90 T6:

Thank you!

I forgot – Momentum trim.

Also, in case it’s helpful:

Volvo dealer provided the following MF & Residuals:
T5 - .00219 and 61%
T6 - .00165 and 58%

T5 MOM (AWD) - .00209 and 60%
T6 MOM - .00155 and 56%

They are certainly close, but I’m surprised they are different – what am I missing?

Dealer cannot modify the RV so you are probably mixing up different mileage allowance. Shoot for a bigger discount (at least 10%), buyrate MF, apply max MSDs and get rid of that BS add-on.

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Hire @nyclife or @Benedetto and you will end up with a better deal than on your own, even counting their fee. Or you can keep trying.

Trust Edmunds, they are correct - T5 on 36/15, 39/15 RV is 1% less. T6 RV is the same on 36 and 39. I guess you need 12k miles, so add 2% to Edmunds RV.

Thank you for explanation on RV differences.

Would love to understand how brokers work – I didn’t know they existed until a week ago. I get that brokers get great pricing and save a bit of time, but I do like to understand how leasing works and I do enjoy negotiating. Are brokers able to get best pricing just because of their ability to negotiate well – perhaps because they understand the market and have a good network? Is there anything else they have that I can’t acquire through a bit of legwork and a lot of reading?

They have all of the above and more. But sure, learn and negotiate.

If you have time and put in the effort, I think you should be able to negotiate a deal equal to or even better than a broker.


when you say “buyrate MF” – does that mean I should request that the dealer pass along the MF from the finance company and not mark it up?

Yes. 2020220202020

There’s too many variables here. The incentives can vary from model to model and dealer to dealer. To simplify, go with 39 months (it’s better) and let us know how many miles/year you need.

Do you know how to check for lease incentives by going to the payment estimator? You might find more incentives on the T6. Put in “any” zip code and search around to neighboring states if you’re willing to go there.

Once the December programs come out, the November programs are gone, unless you committed to an incoming December car and got approved this month on a lease. Even then, not all incentives are “offer protected.” If you wait until December, you will have to do everything all over again, which is not fun for anybody.

Is the first payment waiver offered in the northeast? It’s not offer protected, but it’s supposed to roll over for December.

Strongly agree - I worked with @Benedetto and I’m paying $550 a month with absolutely $0 down (true sign and drive) on an XC90
He’s also a great guy - I’m not an easy customer but I can’t recommend him enough

I don’t know if you did, but you can also leave a review in his broker review thread.

I agree with the broker idea, but get the feeling Mrs Butterworth wants to roll up her sleeves and do this herself…

Ha! I do generally like to roll up my sleeves, as I like to understand how things work.

I’m certainly not opposed to using a broker – I like the idea, but still getting used to it I guess.

I did think this forum would help me learn to do it myself, at least close to what a broker can achieve.

Get the best of both worlds. Speak to a broker and explain the situation and what you want, they’ll tell you what the cost is likely to be. Use that as a benchmark and if you can’t beat it go through the broker.

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I will do that. Thank you all!

@ajgraham - I don’t think using a broker just for the purpose of a benchmark deal to go somewhere is cool. We can help in this forum and then she can check with a broker. But Mrs Butterworth needs to gather some info as requested so we’re not working with a puzzle with pieces missing.

in my region the RV for 24 months is considerably higher than longer terms…67% 24 mos, 64% 30 mos, 58% 39 mos

Any reason not to go with 24 mos? MF is same for all? Will the $3k leave incentive still be applicable?

Unfortunately there are no lease incentives currently offered in my area.

Are there other pieces of information that I still need to gather?

2019 Volvo XC90 T5 AWD or T6, 12k miles, I’m flexible on term of lease – but will check residual value for 24 month vs 39 month in my area