2019 Volvo XC60 T6 Inscription Thoughts

Looking for some feedback on this deal.

MSRP $67120
MF 0.00075
Residual 57%
Acquisition Fee $995
TTL $825
Doc $389

$671 monthly
$729 monthly w/tax (8.6%)
$1974 DAS (first month, doc, TTL)

Thinking about doing 10 MSD

Any feedback would be appreciated.

If your discount includes incentives you can do better. I got 16% today on a T6 R-Design with no incentives in my region. XC60s are ripe for good deals.

XC90 T6 Inscriptions are less than this right now. May be worth looking at!

There is $1,750 dealer cash on XC60 T5 now and 0 customer cash in mid-Atlantic and I guess in the South.

We have 1750 on T5 in the southeast but zero on T6’s

that might be 16% but the fees are atrocious too

Thanks for the feed back. According to Edmunds and the dealer, $1500 incentive. It’s included in the discount. I was thinking I could do better but it’s been really difficult to get to this point. Everyone started in the $800-$900 range. I’ve been in contact with dealers in SoCal, Nevada and Arizona, everyone who had the vehicle optioned the way we are looking for. Best I received out of SoCal and Nevada was $739/month and 1475 @ signing but that doesn’t include Arizona registration. Which, since we have VLT, is about $800.

We looked at the XC90 but don’t really need a vehicle that large. However, if it ends up less I guess we should consider it. Significant other requires the B&W sound and massaging seats and I want the air suspension and advanced package. I may hire a broker so my brain doesn’t explode.

They gotta make money somewhere. That’s why I asked for big discounts. Their tag/reg fee is also more reasonable that other dealers that inflate like crazy.