2019 Volvo XC60 T5 Lease proposal

Would like your input on the following lease proposal:

2019 Volvo XC60 T5


  • Maroon Brown leather
  • 20" Momentum wheels with all season tires
  • Heated seats, steering wheel
  • Protection package premier

MSRP: 47055

Sale price: 43400 (A plan)

MF: 0.00060

Residual: 55%

10,000 mile/yr, 39 month lease, Michigan

Monthly payment: 540 (First payment included). Is it realistic to get a 1% on this car?

What do you all think?


Check here: 2019 Volvo XC60 R Design?

That guy got a really good deal (1% before fees due at signing) but it looked like it might be a one off

Don’t use a-plan a get at least 8% off. Use MSDs.

At that price, why not just get a X3 30i?

In the midwest, after inquiring at multiple dealerships for the past 4 months, no one will do an X3 at that price with no money down… an X2 or X1, sure, but an X3? that’s a unicorn deal for all the dealerships I have inquired at (MI, OH, IN, IL, MN). Do you know of a dealer who would do it?

I plugged in a random MI zip code (the dealer popped up in Troy, MI) and see a $3,000 lease incentive on the XC60 T5 AWD Momentum, which matches your RV and MF. Try plugging it into the calculator and you should be pleased if you use 8% off MSRP (you might be able to get more). Most dealers will want a $995 acq fee, but the minimum is $695. See if they waive the first payment out there (they should). 10 MSDs will reduce your rate to 0.00010.

I’ve been lurking for awhile and extremely interested in this deal. I am out of state (Colorado) but would jump on this deal today if it was possible. Can you please PM me your sales guy info? Thanks!

All you need to do is find a dealer that has the $3,000 lease incentive that’s willing to be aggressive. Do you know how to check the local incentives?

I don’t know, would you please let us know? Thanks!

Build your car on Volvo site and from summary page select Payment Estimator, then your zip code. Or for you can do inventory search, select your model and zip and see payment estimator (for 2019 only).

Ok so I got another dealer with a different car with the following proposal:

2019 XC 60 T5 Momentum Black


  • Premium package
  • 19" Momentum wheels with all season tires
  • Multimedia package
  • Linear Lime Deco Inlay
  • Protection package
  • Heated seats

MSRP: 49645

Sale price: 43202(A plan) Discount 6443

MF: 0.00086

Residual: 55%

10,000 mile/yr, 39 month lease, Michigan

Monthly payment: 518 (1000 down). I know the MF is marked up but they are not willing to budge at all. What do you all think?

Why are you keep asking what we think if you don’t listen to what we tell you?

Letting a dealer do an A-Plan deal is a gift to the dealer. You could do better and it will cost them dearly. They should be happy to write the lease at the buy rate and give you the acquisition fee at $695 cost. It’s a minimum haggle win-win.

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I did follow your advice; the 3000 incentive is there, but this rate is with 4000 down.

You were told to drop a-plan.
Estimator is to look up local incentives only, not to see your lease payments (though you could technically do it also, if you understood more about calculating lease)

All the 4 dealerships that I have contacted (MI, IL, MN) will do nothing but A-plan; sure I can walk and look for another one, but that is what I am seeing.

They are saying to me that the lease payment “would go up by 20-25 dollars per month”…

If you drop A-Plan you might get up to an approximate $1,000 additional discount. If you did, it would cost the dealer approximately $2,700 or so. That’s why they want to stick with A-Plan. Asking for the buy rate and $695 acq fee is easier when the dealer is doing decent on the selling price.

You don’t have to follow the structure on Volvo’s calculator. Use the one here and consider the savings with 10 MSDs.

Sure they won’t, because you told them you have a-plan and they get 2% of MSRP commision by doing a-plan
Edit: 3.7 beat me to it.

Plus they get reimbursed for the $750 incentive.