2019 volvo xc40 t5

Is anybody going to hack one? where do we start? Any a-plan?

2019 VOLVO XC40 T5 SUV

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Exterior Color: Ice White
Interior Color: Oxide Red
Transmission: Automatic
Drive Line: All-wheel Drive
Engine: 2.0L I-4 cyl
Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), Premium Package, Vision Package, Multimedia Package, (more packages…)
Manufacturer Offer: Lease: $325/mo for 36 mos. $3,325 due at signing

I did a website build to look at the lease breakdown, the residual is good and the MF is low but there are no incentives and I doubt you will see much of a discount at this point.

If anyone can get there, I’d be right there with you.
I could stomach the $325, but at $0 down, not $3300

That’s already better then any quotes I’ve received.

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I am keeping an eye on the subscription prices at 600 a month. If it included taxes, I would do it. But 600 + taxes is a tad high.

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I would kindly request you stick to posting format. :slight_smile:

Volvo of Manhattan says the 600 or 700 includes tax.

I think it does include taxes. If you go here https://www.volvocars.com/intl/cars/care-by-volvo

it says All applicable taxes are included, so there’s one less thing to think about.

I was told $600 does not include taxes… who knows who’s right lol

I’d consider a subscription if they could work out something with local garages and include parking. It’s a huge expense when having a car in the city, and I’m assuming they’re targeting city-dwellers for their subscription service. Aren’t there valet apps that store your car when not in use?

Refueling and car wash would be nice too. As it stands, Care by Volvo just looks like a normal lease with all the F&I stuff (which I normally decline) bundled in, plus liability insurance.

Agreed. The insurance also concerns me, both in terms of how it is factored into the subscription price (how can a 22 yr old male in a city get the same rate baked into a monthly fee as a 48 yr old woman in the suburbs?) and what the coverage actually is. It may offer the most basic minimums to cover the loss of the car, but offer little in terms of personal liability, medical, etc.

I signed up on the website and it said does not include taxes

The FAQ says “Note: This offer does not include your state and local taxes and registration fees. .”. From where I am sitting it seems impossible to give a rate that accounts for paying say 1500/year in VA taxes and 40/year in TN car taxes while having the same payment. The other kicker is that you get 15k miles no matter what.

The subscription is about the same cost as leasing (you would have to price out your mileage/insurance costs. A 22 year old male might win with their insurance. A 40 year old female is overpaying most likely. Same thing with mileage needs). That being said the subscription is nonNeogitable so it will be interesting to see how incentives work. Will there be some presidients day sale where you can get the lease for 500/month instead of 600?

I hope it catches on and in 2 years there are ton of preowned xc40s for sale:)

That’s why it says “starting at $600”. Whoever has the best insurability will pay that amount. Whoever has worse will pay more. Same thing with credit rating.

Or because different MSRPs.

Perhaps, but the Volvo website made it sound like there were only two fixed trims available at 600 and 700 price points.

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I don’t think so. You buy the bottom trim you pay 600. Buy the top level trim you pay 700. That why you have the starts at 600. If your credit rating sucks or if you are considered a high risk driver, they are not going to sign you up.

It makes for easy marketing but it makes some people get better or worse deals. The same driver living in say Georgia might be paying 1k for insurance when if they move to NJ they pay 2k. compare the yearly costs assuming you can lease for say 450/month
care = 60012 = 7200
LCOL = 450
12+ 1000 = 6400
HCOL = 450*12+2000 = 7400
For the LCOL you are paying a premium (ignoring maintence/wear and tear) for the subscription. The HCOL is getting a discount. If people like this method of buying, you have to imagine they will branch out and offer more options. For example I would love to subscribe to a 4 year old volvo and let them deal with any reliability issues (volvo isn’t exactly at the top of the list) that pop up AND I don’t have to worry about getting rid of a 6-7 year old luxury car.

The other fun thing would just doing swaps for cosmetic reasons. I like the VW Tiguan orange. But I don’t think I like it enough to drive around for 10 years:). Give me 12 months and I would love to rock it.

I’ve read some articles which support that. If so, it’s an interesting model and would be really case-by-case dependent to determine if it’s the best for you.