2019 Volvo XC 60 T5 Momentum AWD

I have a lease deal on XC60, do realize this is in Seattle,WA

Car: 2019 Volvo XC 60 T5 Momentum AWD
MSRP: $54885
Discount: $6885 (12.5%)
Sales price: $48,000
Down: $621.89 + first month, they use down instead DAS but there is no other fees
Monthly: $628 including tax
.MF: They said they don’t know lol, but with some calculations APR is around 4.1%
RV: 59%

It’s definitely not within 1% rule. Any suggestion on whether I should take this?

Is it AWD? MF is doubled - should be .00083 (1.99%).

Second @ Ursus on that. MF is marked up.
Data from Bellevue 98004 looks like
T5 INSC AWD - .00061 and 64% / 58%; $500 incentive
T6 MOM AWD - .00067 and 63% / 58%; $1500 incentive
T6 INSC AWD - .00075 and 63% / 58%; $1500 incentive

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Yes it’s AWD, edited the post to reflect that

Bellevue is an AutoNation dealer. Notoriously crappy discounts and inflated MF.

Have you tried talking to Volvo Seattle?

For that money, you should go for a 2018 X5. Yes, even in Seattle, WA.

This is from Volvo Tacoma. Volvo Seattle only has a few of R-Design with 5000 discount, turns out to be 680 + 1500 DAS, not very tempting

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Oh they know the MF very well.

Ah my bad. Sorry. I have not heard anything one way or another about Tacoma.

Take a look at the R Design numbers. If memory serves from my pending deal, you can knock a bit off the MF and get a preferable deal. On my car, I think the Momentum (XC 60 T5 AWD) priced out $9 more per month while the R Design had an MSRP of $1k higher than the Momentum. My car was over $100 less per month but the MSRP was also about $3.5k less. I don’t feel like running the numbers to do a direct comparison, especially since I got a $2k additional bonus (not reflected in the numbers I’ve referenced here) for going from an XC60 to another XC60.

Could be worth your while to examine R Design numbers.