2019 Volvo S60 T6 Momentum AWD Lease Wanted

Hello Hackers,

I am interested in your help, I have messaged @nyclife from this forum as well, on a Volvo S60 T6 Momentum (Black Stone ext, Charcoal Leatherette int) AWD with heated steering wheel, premium, Advanced pkg, roughly $49,095 msrp for 39mos/12k year in New Jersey. Im currently in a 2015 Q50 Hybrid lease ending in August. Im paying $428/month.

Would Volvo payoff my remaining payments to get me in an S60 or should i just wait until Apr/May when more incentives are avail?

Looking for lower monthly to about $375 to $400/month and $0 down drive off but understand not much negotiation on sale price yet and not great mf…pretty sure this lease going to be $500 to $600/month for what im asking…how off am I?

If anyone has the MF/Residual for this vehicle
36 or 39 months / 12k year, Zipcode 07920. I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you Hackers!!!

Welcome… got a lot going on with this post. :grimacing:

I’m not sure there are any active corporate Volvo Pull Ahead Programs, but typically they only apply to existing Volvo leases. Some dealers may say they have a pull ahead program, but they are just rolling the payments into the new lease.

Think your expected payment is a pipe dream as it would be well under the 1% rule for a Volvo, not to mention if you are rolling in any existing payments. As for the MF and residual, they are available on the Edmunds forum.

You may not hear back from @nyclife because brokers here get amazing deals, but are transaction oriented and candidly you are far from pulling the trigger on what would be a rather complex deal that would take a ton of work, no less if it’s even remotely feasible.

Definitely continue to follow the board to see if any deals come up but likely will have to finish out your lease unless you are ok with eating a few payments.

Thank you @Britten440 my appologies for putting this post herecand not in marketplace. Appreciate your response. I will monitor the forum for any Volvo S60 deals. As for my remaining payments, Volvo would prob only roll them in as Im in an Infiniti.

I will visit a few dealers to test the waters and see what ballpark they are in, since I have a ton of time, I can wait.


Volvo will not roll anything in, dealer will.

Thank you @Ursus, i meant dealer.

.00075 MF and 59% residual on 36/12k here in nj, no incentives.

Looks like I need to wait until March or April, if anyone sees a deal, ill be monitoring.

There is $750 in mid-Atlantic, so if you must have it, go to MD. But why rolling the remaining payments in on a so-so deal?

@Ursus your right, no need to roll 2k in.
Ill wait until closer to my lease end, should be better deals on it then.

I just returned from a test drive of a T6 AWD Momentum, fantastic ride, really enjoyed the comfort/tech and Pro Pilot Assist is a cool feature. For anyone looking, the 316 HP is quite adequate :slight_smile:

T5 250hp should be adequate for most looking for a small sedan :slight_smile:

True @Ursus but for me in coming from a 360hp infiniti q50 :slight_smile:

The performance will definitely feel like a huge difference. The Q50 3.0t and 3.7 feel like rockets in comparison…the T8 is probably your best bet to get similar feeling performance as in the hybrid.

Indeed @dmitry i was happy with the t6, need it for the awd here in nj. I just wish there were more inventives on the car, hoping we see better $$$ mid-year.

I liked the new S60 T6 for sure…but handling and acceleration wise, the Q50 blows it away. As long as it’s enough power for you, all that matters. It’s quite peppy, but the T6 kind of felt like a true 250-260hp turbocharged engine. 316hp is a bit of a stretch on paper :slight_smile:

I would stay with infiniti but they didnt change anything substantial in the q50, i liked the HUD, multimedia display, and large touchscreen, althoughbwish they had a dial or touchpad nesr the shifter to control it, swiping while driving not ideal but you could access options from the steering wheel controls.

They are staying classical, and original. I honestly prefer Infiniti’s system, for ease-of-use on music, and other controls. Once it’s wintertime, the Volvo’s screen freezes up for the first few minutes, and is super laggy at the very beginning. I like how Infiniti has heated seats buttons on the side, so the screen isn’t in the way, if it ever has a small freeze-up. In Volvo, it’s like you are staring at 2 monitors…and if one freezes, you can’t even change the climate settings. All is done via-screen, which I find quite annoying.

I would still prefer the roar of a powerful V6 that shoves me back in the seat against a HUD and Apple Car Play…but that’s just me.

Unlike Volvo’s 360° camera, Infiniti’s camera gives you 2 views at once. Birds eye view and the back up camera. In Volvo, you can only see one at a time…which makes it worse.

For <600/mo you can be driving a 400hp Red Sport, which will put a smile on your face on a daily basis.

@dmitry I do love the red sports for sure, ive had issue with the infiniti infotainment system as well, granted im in a 15 and the software prob has better updates but sometimes on startup options dont liad and i have to turn car on and off to get them back, also sometimes when i engage reverse/backup camera stays on when i put the car back i drive. Minir annoyances but noticable.

Haven’t seen any of these bugs in our 2016.
The Volvo infotainment is quite buggy, and sometimes the camera will just show as a pitch black screen, and needs to be restarted.

@dmitry is it buggy in the 19s? I didnt notice on the test drive…

Should be fine, they improved it for 19 S60.

It is really random, and can happen anytime. Every system I have used, had minor bugs, but the UConnect and Volvo system seem to be the “buggier” ones. The cold weather also affects the screens performance, and after you start up the car, first 30 seconds, screen is pretty much useless. The 2017 and 2018 models had the same issues as the 2016. I did not see any response difference in the 2019. I press the screen button, a second it lags, then opens.

Here is what editors said, when using the system.


  • One editor’s phone that was previously paired wouldn’t reconnect to the XC90 and required deleting the XC90 from the phone for the car to successfully reconnect.
  • Audible static interrupted streaming Bluetooth audio.

Backup camera

  • Multiple editors have noted slowed backup camera operation after the gear selector is placed in reverse.
  • In one instance, the backup camera didn’t work at all in reverse and was blocked out of the touch-screen’s vehicle functions menu.

Cross-traffic alert and blind spot warning systems

  • The cross-traffic alert and blind spot warning systems were inactive at the same time the backup camera failed to activate, and all three were blocked from the Vehicle Functions menu while the car was running.

Screen startup

  • Multiple editors have noted how painfully long it takes for the touch-screen to become operative after starting the vehicle.

Screen crash

  • Two editors reported the touch-screen crashing: one while updating an application where touch-screen froze, restarted and the app disappeared, and the other when the screen went white before restarting on its own.