2019 Volvo S60 T6 4 door sedan Inscription AWD

Is this a good deal or not.
Retail: 49615.
Selling 41941.
36 mo /12k miles a year
payment 558.00
no money down only 1st pymt
residual 27,700
I feel the payment amount is too high???

That is beyond awful, even without the full details. The payment doesn’t seem to match up to the numbers, either.

Can you please clarify what doesn’t match up? is the payment amount too much?

Whereabouts are you located

I get close ($542) to your numbers with 9.5% tax and about $700 in fees + $995 acq fee.

Chicago IL

If you’d ship…

I have a black on amber T6 Inscription Demo
2500 DAS plus reg
Broker fee

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His tax may be 18%

2500 plus reg? You in Boston? Tax rate is 9.25 in IL

Yes yes and yes