2019 Volvo S60 T5 Inscription Lease Feedback

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I received the following lease offer for a loaner 2019 S60 T5 Inscription and wanted to get some feedback on it. Numbers have been rounded slightly

Terms: 36/10
MSRP: $49,500
Negotiated Selling Price: $38,250*
Gross Capitalized Cost: $39,600 (Acquisition fee $1k, then dealer + govt fees)
Cap Cost Reduction: $1,100**
RV: 55%
Adjusted RV: 53.1%***
MF: .00025
Monthly Payment: $360
Monthly Payment + Tax: $390
DAS: $390

*Includes $3750 in dealer incentives
**Trade in equity
***Accounts for the ~4500 miles on the loaner

My pre-incentive discount is 15%. Based on other threads, it seems like this is on the low end of discounts for loaners. Should I still be shooting for a 18-20% discount (another 1-2k)? This is the only Volvo dealer in a 3 hour radius so I’m not sure how much leverage I have.

The cap cost reduction I have is from equity from my current leased car. Would I be better off asking for a check, or having the amount applied to MSDs instead?


Subscribed. Interested in this. Seems like a good deal.