2019 Volvo S60 release


Still like the V60 but this isn’t bad either


Oh, crap. Now it’s leatherette standard in MOM :angry:
And leather is not even an option in Premium package.


Hmmm dilema. Watch world cup or the “exciting” S60 with never seen before self driving and zero emissions technologies. Wait, never mind. Gooooaaaaalll


What are you watching? More like smoking, I guess - no goal, yet.


It looks like 2/3rds of an S90. Will the lease also be 2/3 of an S90? Ie 200 a month instead of 300?


You are right. Volvo has not scored yet. More like their S60 shot stopped weakly well before getting into the goalies box.


S60 T8 Polestar. Nice.


Just saw this on their website.



Sadly, no. The price is INSANE. I built a momentum, and it was $47,000. An inscription starts at $42,800 for FWD and is $47,000 for AWD but is $49,000 for anything but black and with heated seats. Have they lost their freaking minds???

My 2017 inscription with heated seats, blindspot, spare tire, and the sunglass thing was only $41,880. New model or not, that is a huge price point shift.

I also agree that it’s pretty stupid that the momentum only has leatherette and 2 colors. This all screams 3-series to me. I’m not impressed.

If it’s mildly affordable, i.e. in the $400 range with A-plan when it’s time, I’m going v60. If not, I’m hoping there are still deals on the s90. Shame on Volvo for screwing this one up. :confused:


Yeah, my 16 Inscription with BLIS and convenience (I think?) was $42,575.


I bet the pricing strategy is to make the S60 appear more premium than it is, whereas the steep discounts and incentives will make lease pricing far more competitive to the Germans, much like they did with the S90. I would wait six months to see where the real pricing settles in.


I sure as hell hope so, or I have no clue what car I am going to buy, let alone can afford! As I’ve said many times, I’m glad I’m starting early, because pricing and leasing is nothing like it used to be, even factoring in incentives!


What a deal, if you are in the first 200 people :slight_smile:


Sign that the subscription program hasnt attracted much in the first 2 weeks …


$1,100/mo + plus some tax & insurance (?) on a T8. No wonder.


Insurance is included. Tax isnt.
At $1100\ months, volvo has lost there mind. I was hoping it was 6 to 700 max !
Well I guess this one will be on the hackr’s table soon :slight_smile:


I think there were 2 additional somethings last time I saw it couple of days ago.


September lease numbers are out. The car is not :slight_smile:


With my 2016 S60 T5 lease ending in May, I seriously can’t wait for these to come out. The car looks fantastic IMO (especially in the R-Design trim and red paint color, wish bursting blue was still a thing), but I’m going to guess that even with A-Plan elite and loyalty incentives, these aren’t going to be hackr worthy for a while. No reason for Volvo to drastically undercut the subscription price on this car with their lease price; they’re really trying to push the subscription program.

It sucks since the local Volvo dealer here in Miami has been bombarding me with pull-ahead solicitations up to 9 months early now. I was told by the internet sales manager that we should start to see these in the showroom in the latter part of the year/December-ish 2018. Oh well, I guess we’ll have to wait-and-see what happens.


I definitely want to lease a volvo that is not yet available :slight_smile:
And the dealers will perhaps try to sell them for MSRP for the first few months too…