2019 Volvo S60 release

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Are you ready for this? Are you even in the market for a new one? I’m still in love with mine, and my mom was finally up here for once and in it for the first time and liked it! Either way, always trying to be smart about money, so I keep popping in to see what is going on!

I’m going S60/V60/V90, whichever deal is best and whenever. I can say having a wagon would have been helpful a few times recently. :slight_smile:

Will see, but I don’t think there will be good incentives/inventory until Q2 2019 at least. S60 will probably have higher ones comparing to V60, anyway.

I totally agree. There’s been a HUGE amount of hype for the V60, so much that I’ve been surprised for a car that is nowhere near being released, nor has the price even been released, months after it was announced.

I’d love to get one if it’s just ~300/month. otherwise will go for a bmw

Whats the going price of the current 2018s? I have heard that its a few 10s below S90 numbers so not that good.

Pound for pound value is not even close, unless you are a BMW fanboy/girl and it doesn’t matter.

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Watch now on FB!..

Damn, I really like this car. Don’t think it will be available when I need one. Well definitely not hackable.

The seats look fantastic!

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Not happy that it’s lower than the current one :unamused:

I didn’t catch all of it they say when it would be released or what subscription price was?

In late August will start production, factory is open now and the car on display was manufactured there. Nothing about subscription pricing.

Here is from Volvo: " The S60 is expected to arrive to US dealerships this autumn."

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CBV starts at $775 for the Momentum (Available end of 2018) and $850 for the R-Design (Available early 2019). All prices are outlined on the build a car section: https://www.volvocars.com/us/build/sedan/s60

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Just saw it there and was about to post the link :slight_smile:

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The lady on the live stream mentioned that Bursting Blue was going to be a color option, did you happen to catch whether that was only for the Hybrid version by chance? I can’t find that color with the few trims I specced out. I also thought she said there would be 14 colors but I am also not seeing that. Maybe I was just hearing things I wanted to hear :thinking:

Jesus, that seems to be insanely high for the Care by Volvo.

Yep, was looking for it also. And MOM only has 2 interior colors - black and blond.

14 freaking colors !!! Great and I thought the current color combinations on the S90 were hard AF to keep all clients happy :sweat_smile:

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I’m not sure if she misspoke but there are currently only 7 colors that I see listed on their build your own Volvo configurator. Personally I’m hoping that the current build configurator is broken and they’ll update it to show the remaining 7 colors soon though


So I actually went back and re-watched the reveal and she does mention there will be 14 colors available (4:32) and specifically mentions Bursting Blue as an option. Going over to their press release, they only mention that for CBV will have 8 colors for the Momentum and 7 for the R-Design:

S60 T6 AWD Momentum at $775/month includes:
Premium Package
Multimedia Package
Linear Lime Wood Inlays
8 Exterior Color Choices
2 Interior Color Choices

S60 T6 AWD R-Design at $850/month includes:
Premium Package
Multimedia Package
R-Design Styling with Sport Chassis/Suspension
19” R-Design Wheel
Sport Seats in Nappa Leather with Open Grid Textile
7 Exterior Color Choices

I’m going to assume they mistakenly applied the color pallette for the CBV options to the normal buy/lease options and we’ll get more colors soon?