2019 Volkswagen GLI Autobahn $219 a month FULLY LOADED

Great payment for a great car !

I’m a big VW (VAG, in general) fan.

I’d def ask for all the payments up front. People will screw up your credit.

So we’re all just not saying anything about the tortilla on the dash?


I didn’t want to assume, but I spent a good minute looking at it trying to figure out if it is a tortilla or what…

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Backing out not the deal for me. Good luck with the swap

But the car comes with the tortilla!?

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Ohmigod, I had totally not even noticed the tortilla!!!

FYI - the vehicle in this picture is not a 35th anniversary edition as noted in the title. It is a GLI Autobahn (top tier trim).


Lmao its my Cover when i was in the Marines

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Damn. That’s a deal breaker for me. I was really looking forward to that tortilla.

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Hi Carlos,

I want to go see the car.

Hey Carlos,

I can do this, let me know if you want to get it done this week. I live in NYC, go to NJ often.



i am interested, i do want to see the car

What a ridiculous transfer policy by VW. That is a lot of risk.

Did this transaction happen. Or is it still available?

did you see what carvana would give you for it