2019 Volco XC60 T5 Mom 36/10k please help!

T5 MOM w/ Advanced and Multimedia package
MSRP: $53,275.00
Cap Cost: $44,062.52
Acq Fee: $995
RV: 58%
MF: .00180
Inception fees : $1,077.37
(includes first monthly payment, tax, license)
Cap reduction: $3,922.63
Monthly payment: $481.49

This is my first time leasing, so v new to all of this. Is this a good deal or not? I didn’t take it because I wanted to ask around first. Also I don’t want to put any money down other than the inception fees. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

Money factor looks very inflated. Very. Check Edmunds, my XC60 R Design is at .00061 this month. It’s higher for Momentum, but that’s an XC90 MF you’ve got there. Right a mistake or highway robbery.

By cap cost, you mean sales price? What other incentives are they giving you? Loyalty, conquest, etc. I don’t know them all.

The deal as it stands is horrendous. Sorry.

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If you can reduce the cap reduction to $0, then this is a great deal at $481/mon.

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I thought the MF seemed high,when I compared it to some other deals I saw on this board. Yes, but cap cost I meant sales price. They didn’t offer any other incentives. This would be my first Volvo & none in household, so no loyalty.

Is that even a possibility??

You can certainly get the MF down to where it belongs. You would need a better breakdown of incentives to get the full details about the correct pricing. That car at zero down is estimate to be around $500 to $525 per month. Complete guess because of missing info. That sale price likely includes other incentives that would need to be made clear.

The XC60 I’m picking up has an MSRP of $49.8k and with all discounts including a loyalty of $2k for upgrading from a previous XC60 comes to $42k. That’s a little bit of reference for you.

Check out the calculator.

Are you in a Volvo now? A full worksheet and breakdown would be necessary.

What tax is in the upfronts, tire tax? Florida taxes the payments, and you don’t pay tax up-front.

MF is 0.00083.

Is that what you’re saying the MF should be?

Not should be, it is. Yours is either marked up or they gave you marked up for XC90 by mistake.