2019 Velar 380R HSE- need assistance

Hi I’m looking for a deal on a loaded velar, 33-36 months, 15k. in DC/MD/VA. Can anyone recommend some targeted discounts, MF, RV’s MSD’s etc I should be looking for? Can I achieve/break the 1% mark?

Unlikely at this point in the year for 1%. For MF/RV/Incentives refer edmunds (google 2019 velar lease edmunds).

I didn’t do a deal and frankly did not like the sales people at LR Bethesda but they are part of autonation so do offer discounts that are decent. Some of this will be made up on inflated MF.

2019 think 1.3%.
2018 remaining may get you 1% or close to it.

Land Rovers don’t lease well. Better to finance it at subvented rates.

LR and RR you’re paying either way: thru a relatively high lease payment or a lot of depreciation if you buy.

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This is helpful, thanks everyone. Will there be more incentives in January? I.e. worth waiting?

No one on this forum will be able to tell you that with 100% certainty. Perhaps look at what MF/RVs have done historically but you have a limited data set with the velar being new and it leasing very differently than a RRS or RR.

Take a look at the 2018 velar HSE (Fuji exterior - can’t recall interior) down at LR Roanoke. They may be willing to make a deal on that.

All the deals are on the 2018 Evoque, Discovery Sport, Velar and Discovery. Have a search here for some of the 2018 Velar deals we’ve seen in the last few months. If you can find a 2018 Velar ex-loaner/demo you’ll get a much better deal.

Thank you for the replies.
Can I have some advice on best way to approach dealerships to get right down to it and get full transparency? The couple I’ve been in contact with are already wearing me out. I ask for the lease worksheet and they respond that they gave me everything in the write up previously, but the reality is they didn’t show fees, incentives, anything with detail. I’m hearing things like, we gave you that info. “It’s all in your payment” :man_facepalming:t2:.
If I’m going to follow everyone’s advice and get out of this what I put into it (I’ve seen and heard that finding the right deal takes time and effort), I feel like I could use some advice to speed up the front end dance. Happy to dig and wait for the right deal.

Re: searching the forums for 2018 deals-I have scoured and tried to do that before posting, but the deals are either dated (sept and older) or not in the dc area, so I’ve had doubts as to how current/achievable they are. I’m def going with a Velar though.

Those deals from around Sept are still comparable, perhaps even better now due to the time of year and Land Rover struggling badly and selling off excess stock (https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/dec/16/jaguar-land-rover-to-axe-up-to-5000-jobs). There are 2 caveats though, alot of those deals involved ex-loaner/demos and availability might not be there now, and you’re in Maryland so factor in the tax differences.

Most dealers make their money by wearing people down, unfortunately. I feel your pain, I’m having to do the same at the moment. There’s lots of different approaches, some are detailed here: Best Way To Email Dealers
I find using at least a couple of different approaches, as every dealer has a different structure and your email might end up with someone who ignores your email so you have to do 2 or 3 passes if you don’t make any contact.

I was offered on a lease for Velar 380 SE R-Dynamic with MSRP at $87,600 the following:

Should I take it? Some other forums with similar offers said to run…but I think it’s a good deal:

$899/mo (that includes 11% Philly tax)
$899 down
39mo/15k annually

I’ve tried to negotiate it but that’s the best I could get. As a reminder, it’s a 2018 but it has all the options I want.

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If $899 is total out of pocket to start, I’d take that deal. You’re right at 1% with minimal out of pocket.

If it’s $899 cap cost reduction, plus other taxes and fees, it’s not the worst deal in the world. It’s a $90k luxury semi-performance suv. The entire class generally doesn’t lease well.

If you love the car, don’t get too hung up on the deal.

Thank you, it’s $899 final out of pocket to start!

If it’s a unicorn optioned exactly how you want it, you should be halfway to the dealership by now.


That’s a good deal. That must have an insane options list though to be nearly $90k, I can see why they struggled to sell it and have to discount it heavily. For 15k mileage and not ex-demo/loaner that’s a nice deal. You’re not going to get a better deal for such a high MSRP 380 Velar

Good deal. Sign!

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I think OP took the deal lol. It sold sometime between last night and this morning.

Look at my new post! Velar vs Range Rover Sport…would love all of your feedback!

here’s the latest deal. has 3k dealer miles, 2018 loaner. 48, 46, 46 are residuals being used for 33,36,39m @ 15k. shooting for $0 sign and drive, with MD sales tax of 6% and $250 or so in tag and title. Thoughts? Appears to be a 15k discount and a low MF.

Feels like you’re paying Range Rover Sport money with $995 per month. And base sport >> velar IMHO

Did you end up buying the Velar?